Cherry Blossoms


Japan's famous cherry trees bloom in early April.



Temple Grounds

They are often found around temples and parks.



Party Time

The Japanese waste no time organizing parties under the cherry trees to celebrate

the arrival of spring.



The Many Varieties of Cherry Blossoms

The double cherry blossom varieties have more petals, and sometimes more color.



Ueno Park

Even the birds enjoy the event.



Late Bloomers

The double cherry blossom trees usually bloom a few days later than the conventional trees.



Traditional Party

These people are putting on a traditional cherry blossom viewing party.



The Osaka Mint

The Osaka Mint is a popular place to view cherry blossoms. The late blooming varieties

often have leaves with the blossoms.



The Palace Moat

The moat of the imperial palace attracts a lot of people when the trees are in full bloom.



The Party's Over

A spring rain always seems to put an end to the cherry blossom viewing season.