The old port town of Otaru was established  when Hokkaido was being opened up one

hundred years ago. Several of the old shops and warehouses have been restored to

their original condition. This is a canal where fish were unloaded.



Frontier Architecture

Many of the buildings still remaining survived the harsh climate because they were

made of stone.



Hot Spring Resort

About an hour by train from Sapporo is the hot spring resort Nobribetsu.



Bear Ranch

A few dozen of Hokkaido's bears were rounded up and put on display in what the

promoters call a bear ranch. The poor animals have been reduced to suffering the

indignity of begging food from the tourists.



Dancing Bear

This poor little bear was dressed up in an apron to dance with the zoo keeper.



Adult Entertainment

Like every full-service hot spring resort, Noboribetsu has a strip theater.



Edo Wonderland

The Tokugawa Shogunate united Japan under one government and moved the capital

to Edo (present day Tokyo) in 1603. This began the Edo Era which lasted until the 1867.

The Edo Wonderland theme park is a reconstruction of the ancient capital with the staff

dressed like medieval Japanese. It is quite an experience.




The guests are entertained by geisha.



Ninja Show

And a ninja show for the kids.



Modern Day Samurai

We even got to wear period dress.