The Land


Saigon has changed a lot since I last saw it thirty-four years ago.




The entire population seems to move on motorcycles. People are worried what will

happen to the already crowded streets when each person trades in his Honda for a




French Colonial Architecture

There still remains a lot of French colonial architecture. This is a court building in Hanoi.




A Frenchman I met in Vietnam lamented the fact that no one speaks French anymore.

Everyone wants to learn English.



Ban Uong Pepsi

Although the country is officially communist, capitalism sure has done an end run on

the economy. Sometimes you wonder who won the war.



Hawaii East

The countryside looks not much different from Hawaii.




There are still people in the countryside living in romantic dwellings like this one.



The Ferry

This ferry is carrying people to the marketplace in Hoi An. It appears to be carrying 75

people, 23 Hondas and 6 life preservers.



The Market

There is a lot of fresh fish in Vietnam.




Vietnam seems to have every religion imaginable. The Vietnamese communists never

made a serious effort to eliminate religion, perhaps realizing that this would be a battle

they could never win. There are Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Taoists, Confucianists,

and Hindus. There seems to be a temple on every block.



The God of Wealth

But the most popular deity seems to be the God of Wealth, who is also very popular

in Japan