Sunday in the Park


It is Sunday in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo and the whole world seems to have come to see

the show. These teenagers are acting out their most outrageous dreams.




This man from China is playing a single-string instrument.



News Coverage

The BBC even sent a camera crew to cover the festivities.




Acrobats practice their routines.




And kids jump rope.



Walking the Dog

This dog got dressed up in pants and suspenders to attend the party.



Out on the Town

These three were getting a lot of attention from people with cameras.




The park is a field day for photographers.



Girl Scouts

Girl scouts solicit donations for charity.



Tokyo Rockabilly Club

The Tokyo Rockabilly Club never misses a Sunday in the Park.



More News Coverage

Even the Japan National Broadcasting Company (NHK) showed up to get an interview.




Everyone wants to have their picture taken with Elvis.



Percussion Practice

As many as twenty to thirty people get together in one corner of the park every Sunday

and practice on their drums. People drop in and drop out, but the beat goes on almost

continuously for the entire day.



Bicycle Stunts

This type of thing is supposed to be prohibited in the park, but that doesn't seem to stop





The entertainers always seem to have an audience.




A dozen or more skateboarders all try to outdo each other.



Rock Bands

On a warm day there will be ten or more bands giving free concerts. Yoyogi is a big park.

The sign in the background says musical performances prohibited.




Makoto Hino shows up every week, dressed as a girl and on roller skates. He entertains

by singing karaoke while skating around in circles.



Home away from Home

As it gets dark, everyone heads for home. Everyone except for the hundred or so

homeless who live in Yoyogi Park.