The People


You can't find people much better looking than the Vietnamese. This little girl was a

singer in a show for tourists.



On the Way to Market

This woman is carrying baskets of produce to market, in traditional Vietnamese fashion.



Fresh Poultry

Nice to look at, but I prefer to do my shopping at Kroger.



Politically Incorrect

I couldn't believe it when I saw this hat. This man is

in serious need of re-education. Actually, I assume

that he cannot read English and got a good deal on

this cap, which went out of fashion in Saigon thirty

years ago.



Traditional Headgear

The smiles on the faces are so natural. This picture was taken at the pier in the ancient

port of Hoi An.



Flower Vendor

This picture was taken at the market in Hoi An.




As I walked past the front entrance of this nursery in Hoi An, the squeals of the little

children caught my attention. Seeing a great opportunity for a picture, I took three or

four shots of the little kids. When I asked the man and woman who were running the

nursery if I could get something for the kids, they recommended milk. I returned with

a little carton of milk for each one of them. They are demonstrating their approval here.



My New Puppy

This little girl in Saigon was delighted to show me her new puppy.



Three Generations on a Honda

Looks like fun.



More Smiles

I met these three siblings, aged 17, 11 and 6, who were visiting Ho Chi Minh's

Mausoleum in Hanoi. They were traveling with their grandmother, who was younger

than I am. They wanted to speak English and were delighted to pose for a picture.

Everyone seems to agree that the Vietnamese are about the nicest people you will

meet anywhere.