The Pilgrimage Part V


Buddhists apparently enjoy dressing up their stone images. The one on the left seems

ready for a Halloween party.



The Goddess of Mercy

Even the Goddess of Mercy got a red scarf and a handbag.


Fellow Pilgrims

I met up with these three along the pilgrimage route and we had

lunch together.



Meiji Era Village

Sections of this town were restored to their original condition during
the Meiji Era (1867-1912).



Pub Master

The master of the pub where I had dinner proudly shows off his

daughter. The food was surprisingly good in Shikoku.



Fertile Land

The land on the island is very fertile. Cars seem to sprout up

all along the mountain trails.



And More

Discarded refrigerators, washing machines, televisions and even earth

moving equipment attest to the economic progress of postwar Japan.



Photo Op

This pilgrim asked to have her picture taken with me.

I was flattered.



Matsunaga's Shop

Mrs. Matsunaga is the proprietress of this shop which dates back to

the Meiji Era. She posed with her daughter-in-law for this picture.



Pest Control

Crows are a big problem for the farmers. The scarecrows this farmer

put out are enough to give a human the creeps.



Local Citizen

I met this man who was walking his dog early in the morning. When I

asked him if he had been on the pilgrimage, he replied that unfortunately

he had not, and put his hand on his heart. When asked if he had heart

trouble, he said that was not the problem. He was a Christian, he said.