The Old Post Road


During the feudal era an old post road connected Tokyo and Kyoto through the

mountains of central Japan.



Wood Block Print

This shows an artist's impression of what the route looked like 200 years ago.



Old Photograph

An old photo from about 100 years ago shows a less romantic view.




Two of the over two dozen old post towns have been preserved and restored. They are

a big hit with tourists.



Notice Board

Notice boards on the outskirts of the towns list up laws and regulations, as well as

the names of wanted criminals.



Post Town Era House

The old houses have been well preserved. A ceramic raccoon dog welcomes visitors to

this shop.



Restored Shop

This shop has been restored and sells bamboo items to tourists.



Five-Star Inn

Tourists can stay in several of the old inns in the post towns. This one is the main inn

of the post town Tsumago and is a museum. The feudal lord would stay here when he

passed through town.




This is what the kitchen of a first class restaurant looked like 200 years ago.



Royal Accomodations

You would stay in this room if you were the feudal lord.