Snow Monkeys


Japan is one of the few countries where monkeys can be found living comfortably in snow.

Despite the subzero temperatures, their heavy coats keeps them quite warm.


The Trail

It is a thirty minute hike along a forest trail in Nagano Prefecture to the monkey park.



The Dynasty

Park headquarters has portraits of eleven generations of boss monkeys.  Dragon King the

Ninth, whose name is Tom, is on the right. He was boss from April 1989 to November 1997.



The Hot Spring

The hot spring is all the more popular during the winter months.




The old folk enjoy a hot bath.



Youth Culture

Monkeys are never embarrassed by their behavior.



Snow Play

This little guy is playing with a snow ball that he made.



Keep Away

These two are playing keep away with a snowball.




This guy rode into the hot spring on his friend's back.



Photo Opportunity

This little guy couldn't resist playing with the strap on Mieko's cell phone when she tried

to take a picture.



Monkey Attack

When she knelt over to get the picture, an adolescent jumped up on her back.




Seeing all the excitement, two little monkeys came up to get a feel of the human.