Monkey Society


Monkeys have a life expectancy of about thirty years and are very social animals. This

is the boss of the tribe, Torashichi, whose title is Dragon King the Eleventh. He became

boss at age ten, eight years ago. Unlike most kings, the boss monkey's reign is not for

life. On average it is only about four years, when he is replaced by someone younger

and stronger.



Domestic Violence

Torashichi (left) got into a fight with one of his wives in the hot spring bath. In the end,
he backed down. There are some people even the boss can't boss around.



Family Life

The mothers take care of the children. The males do nothing. The park keepers have

detailed records of the maternity of every animal, but no one knows who the father is.

All anyone knows is that the Dragon King seems to have the most wives. After about

age six, a female will generally have one baby every other year. Twins are very rare.




Adolescent females are very attentive to their younger siblings.




Occasionally you will see a mother carrying a dead child. She will sometimes keep it

for a week or more.



Boy Play

Like their fathers, the young males do nothing for the babies. Wrestling is one of their

favorite pastimes. Any number can participate at one time, and they do not seem to

take up sides. It is just a free for all -- like a barroom brawl.



Feeding Frenzy

Feeding on buds in the spring is a welcome respite from the long winter.



Taking It Easy

This male is taking life easy, watching everything from the branch of a tree.




This guy is looking out over his territory.



The Good Life

This male seems to be getting a massage.



Bath Time

A wet monkey is a funny thing to see.



Out of the Bath

Some wet monkeys are funnier looking than others.




Most of the monkeys who get in the hot spring bath are either adult females or children.

The adult  males  rarely  seem  to  get in.  The reason given for this is that the males

are embarrassed by their appearance when they are wet. They find it difficult to

intimidate the other males when they look so skinny.



Asleep on the Job

A live internet cam sends out pictures of the hot spring monkeys. They can be viewed

at Don't worry if you

have an English system computer and cannot read the characters. Just click on the

links on the left side of the screen and they will take you to pictures of the current and

previous day. This monkey seems to be asleep at the controls of the camera.