The Trip


While in Saigon, we took an excursion to the Mekong Delta.



Jungle Snake

No trip to the jungle is complete without an encounter with a large reptile.




We encountered very little rain on the trip, but it was dramatic when it happened. This

was on the Mekong River.



Ancient Ruins

These ancient Hindu temples in My Son date back more than one thousand years. The

red brick, green mountains and blue sky made a great photo opportunity.




You see tourists everywhere you go.




These musicians are in a band that performs traditional Vietnamese music for tourists.



Vietnamese Dance

This dancer was part of the same show.



Balloon Vendor

The country has an official policy of one or two kids per family (you pick which). Unlike

China, there seemed to be a lot of little kids around. This balloon vendor had no lack

of business.



Temple of Literature

This temple in Hanoi honors the Confucian scholars who passed the highest exams.



Water Puppets

The traditional art of water puppets is something that should not be missed. Originally

performed in the rice paddies, there is now even a theater in Hanoi.