The War


There were posters all over the country celebrating

the thirtieth anniversary of victory over America and

reunification of the country.



Military Hardware

Even thirty years on, there was military hardware displayed throughout the country.



The War Museum in Hanoi

In the early sixties when the Americans showed up, they thought that this would be a

quick victory, up against an enemy like this.



War Memorial

No one anticipated the tenacity of the Vietnamese people. This memorial is at the War

Museum in Hanoi. Everyone who visits Vietnam comments on how wonderful the people

are. I agree. I think that the Vietnamese are a lot like Americans. They are really nice

people, but they get very belligerent if you are bad to them.



The My Lai Massacre

On March 16, 1968, three companies of US infantry, supported by helicopter gunships

and artillery bombardment, attacked the village of My Lai in Quang Ngai Province. This

is one of the houses of the village that has been reconstructed in the memorial to the




The Destruction

The American forces, who numbered over one hundred, encountered no resistance, nor

did they come under fire at any time during the entire operation. A few of the houses have

been reconstructed to what they looked like after the attack.



The Pictures

Although the villagers had no weapons, they didn't even have shoes, the soldiers killed

over five hundred of them, mostly women, children and old men. Virtually none of the

dead were males of military age. This and the following picture were taken by Ronald

Haeberle, a US Army photographer who accompanied the mission.



The Cover Up

Everything was successfully covered up by the Army for over a year, until the story and

pictures were exposed in the press. Haeberle had taken several dozen pictures, many

in color.



The Hanoi Hilton

The Hoa Lo Prison, better known as the Hanoi Hilton, has a notorious past dating back

to French colonial days. It has now been cleaned up and turned into a Museum.



Famous Guests

The names of famous guests are prominently displayed in the museum. They include

freedom fighters against the French, and American flyers. The picture on the top right

is that of US Senator, and presidential candidate, John McCain.



Uncle Ho

You can't get away from Uncle Ho Chi Minh. No matter where you go, his image is