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This is the home page for those who seek happiness. I think that happiness is enlightenment. I speak of the spirit world, while I aim to be a man of great common sense. What is happiness and truth? Is it a dream for which mankind longs? Can you answer these questions? Is it impossible to achieve happiness or Buddhahood on earth? There is the possibility, I know, which leads us to Utopia.

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'The Laws of Eternity' has been released world-wide.

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All human activities of all times are quests for happiness and Utopia. When we reflect upon the history of mankind, we find that people of every age have sought ways through which happiness can be attained. It is possible to say that religions, philosophies, general thoughts, politics, economics, art, literature, scientific technology, medicine and education are all fruits of the wisdom and hard labor of people who have sought "happiness."

 What on earth is a human being? Where do our physical bodies and souls come from? From what does our mind originate? After we die, where does our mind go? What is happiness for a human being? It is a dream for which mankind longs. Is it impossible to realize ultimate happiness ?
 I propose to you the way to happiness: "The quest for the Right Mind". It can lead us to enlightenment. The right mind is Buddha's (God's)mind. The quest for the right mind is to know Buddha's mind, to purify our minds through reflection, to control our minds and to follow Buddha's mind, which is a continuous effort toward self-improvement. This leads us to the quest for the essence of Buddha.

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