The First - Third Dimensional Universe

(The First Dimension)

 The first dimension would consist simply of points, each point on the same straight axis. If there were inhabitants of the first dimension, the only distinction between them would be the length of the straight lines they make up together as points, end to end.

(The Second Dimension)

 The second dimension is the world of length and breadth, both of these properties visible on a single (flat) plane. If there were any inhabitants of the second dimension, they would resemble shapes and figures on a flat piece of paper - they could be any shape at all, but they would have no depth. It also means that two 'inhabitants' that had the same mathematical definition would be indistinguishable from each other.

The Third Dimension

 The three dimensions of the world in which we live are length, breadth and height (or depth). The addition of another dimension not only makes for concreteness in perceivable form but adds an immeasurable potential for variety in that form: two people are not identical in form unless they have exactly the same width, the same height and the same volume - a combination that is mathematically far more complex than any combination in the second dimension. It is also the case in the third dimension that things which exist in the same space also exist in the same time - but this is not so in the fourth dimension.

A Training-ground for spirits

 This world(the third dimension) is something of a training-ground. The spirits are tested individually and exhaustively, and it is only after they have managed to pass this scrutiny that they are able to progress to a higher dimension than the one from which they came.
 To this extent the materialistic and ultra-physical three-dimensional world is a very harsh testing place - but at the same time it offers the possibility of salvation. It provides an opportunity to meet beings from all dimensions, beings it would be impossible to come into contact with in the Real World. You might encounter a Great Guiding Spirit of Light in human form, or meet a person whose heart is in contact with Satan in Hell.
 Everybody is given an equal chance. We are offered the same opportunity to remake our lives. What enlightenment offers us is the chance to start our lives afresh.
(based on "The Law of the sun")

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