Internet for International Communication

Handouts for the course

These handouts were printed out to be given to the students.

Netscape Communicator (Netscape 4)
E-mail (reading & saying addresses, mail setup)

Netscape 3 (1997-98 school year)
Page numbers refer to the pages in the students' course manual, INTAANETTO ("Internet" in Japanse katakana), published by X-Media Books, ISBN 4-87283-007-5.

Netscape English
The students' book is written in Japanese; I believed it would be easier for them if they could juxtapose that text book with paper printouts of the Netscape (English) screen.
The steps needed for students to set up Netscape at the beginning of each lesson (and also useful for them when accessing their mailboxes from outside the school). There are four handouts, one for each "step" to complete.
E-mail options: ensuring mail is sent immediately.
Setting address books for e-mail.

Bill Pellowe