Lessons Five and Six:
e-mail review and practice

We had two classes in a row today.
  1. e-mail review of yesterday's lesson
  2. e-mail from links

After the students opened up Netscape, they were told to open up the Internet page for their lesson. The URL was written on the whiteboard:


We read through the first page, with was a review of the steps they had done yesterday. Today's lesson followed the on-line materials very closely, so there aren't many things to report here.

A new topic covered was clicking e-mail links to open a pre-addressed mail document. Students could use an on-line list of names to send messages to other students. Even though we'd planned on doing a review of the week in the second class, for a couple of reasons I decided to keep working on e-mail through the second class.

The main reason was that students were enjoying themselves quite a lot. It was great to see them typing English and reading other students' messages, completely immersed in what they were doing. (By the way, I hadn't told them to write in English. They just assumed they were supposed to.)

We spent the time writing, answering, replying, and replying to replies. The students were obviously enjoying themselves.

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