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This translation was done entirely by the people of Nikaku Animart. Reproduction in whole or in part for profit is prohibited. This script may be reproduced freely as long as the full header remains as is (e.g. give them the credit).

My Neighbor Totoro

Story and Animation by Hayao Miyazaki
Music composed by Joe Hisaishi

A translation by Nikaku Animart, dedicated to the Indianapolis-Dayton Anime Club, whose enthusiasm is an inspiration.

MEI: 4 year old girl
SATUSKI: 11 year old girl
MR. KUSAKABE: Father of Mei and Satsuki, researcher at a university in Tokyo
MRS. KUSAKABE: Mother of Mei and Satsuki, sick in the hospital
GRANNY: Caretaker of the house they have just moved into
KANTA: The grandson of GRANNY
TOTORO, CHU TOTORO, CHIBI TOTORO: The 3 guardians of the forest
NEKO BUS: The Cat bus, a friend of TOTORO

(In the Japanese countryside)
Satsuki: Father, caramel.
Father: Oh, thanks. Are you tired?
Satsuki: Uh - uh.
Father: It's just a little further.
Satsuki: Mei! Hide!
Satsuki: It wasn't a policeman. HI-I-I!

(Arriving at the caretaker's house)
Father: Is someone there from this house? Oh, thanks. I'm Kusakabe. We've arrived. Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu. (Very common expression. Loosely translated, it means 'Your favor is humbly requested'.)
Man: Welcome!
Father: Thanks a lot.

(At the gateway to the house)
Father: Well, we've arrived.
Mei: Wait!
Satsuki: Mei, there's a bridge.
Mei: Bridge?
Satsuki: Fish. See, it flashed again.
Father: Well, do you like it?
Satsuki: Father, it's beautiful! A tunnel of trees. Ah, that house?
Satsuki: Hurry

(At the house)
Satsuki: It's pretty old.
Mei: Old!
Satsuki: It's like a haunted house!
Mei: Ghosts?
Satsuki: It's rotten.
Mei: It'll fall down. It'll fall down.
Satsuki: Mei, look! There....Isn't it big?
Satsuki: Father, a huge tree!
Father: Right, it's a camphor tree.
Satsuki: Oh, a camphor tree.
Mei: Camphor tree.

(In the room)
Satsuki: An acorn.
Mei: Let me see.
Satsuki: Another one.
Mei: I have one.
Father: Hey, hey. We've got to open up the storm shutters.
Mei: Acorns!
Satsuki: There are acorns in the room.
Mei: They fell from above.
Father: Huh...I wonder if there are squirrels here?
Mei & Satsuki: Squirrels?
Father: Or maybe acorn-mice?
Mei & Satsuki: What?
Mei: No, squirrels are better.
Man: Where do you want this?
Father: Ah, just a minute. I'll open up over here.
Father: Satsuki, would you open the back door?
Satsuki: Okay.
Father: You should be able to find it.
Satsuki: Come on!
Mei: Wait!
Satsuki: Hurry up!
(Satsuki opens the door)
Mei & Satsuki: Ahhhh!
Satsuki: I'm going in.
Mei: The bath...
Satsuki: Nothing there...
Father: That's the bath.
Satsuki: Father, there's something in here.
Father: Squirrels?
Satsuki: I don't know. Not cockroaches, not mice... Black. There were a whole bunch!
Father: Hmmmmm. Hmmmmm....
Satsuki: Well?
Father: It must be "Mak-kuro Kurosuke". (A play on the word black (kuro). Mak-Kuro means pure-black or pitch_black and Kurosuke means Mr. Black or Blackie.)
Satsuki: Mak-kuro Kurosuke? Like the ones in the picture book?
Father: It must be...Ghosts wouldn't be out on a beautiful day like this. When you suddenly enter a dark place from bright sunlight, black spots appear in front of your eyes.
Satsuki: So that's it! MAK-KURO KUROSUKE,
Father: Okay, back to work. Where are the stairs to the second floor? Let's Find the stairs and open the upstairs windows.
Satsuki: Okay!
Mei: Mei too!

(Searching the house, they go running from room to room)
Mei: Toilet!
Satsuki: Over there!
Mei: Over there!
Satsuki: Not here!
Mei: Not here!

(They run from room to room, Mei imitating Satsuki)
Satsuki: Mei, I found it.....It's pitch black.
Mei: Mak-kuro Kurosuke! .....An acorn!

(They climb the stairs)
Mei & Satsuki: AH-H-H-H-H-h-h-h-h......
Satsuki: Mister Mak-kuro Kurosuke, are you here?

(Satsuki calls from the window)
Satsuki: Father, there's something in this house after all!
Father: That's great! Since I was a boy, I've wanted to live in a haunted house! Ooops!
(Father drops a piece of furniture)
Satsuki: Oh no!

(Satsuki runs downstairs and Mei approaches a crack, catching a Mak-kuro Kurosuke)
Mei: I got one!! Sis!!

(Mei runs downstairs and into an old woman)
Father: Mei!
Granny: What energy!
Father: This is the neighbor-lady who watches over this house. She came to help us move in.
Satsuki: I'm Satsuki and this is my sister, Mei. How do you do?
Granny: How do you do? What nice children. If there had been time I could have cleaned up the house.
Father: You've done plenty.
Granny: We're so busy in the fields right now, but I cleaned a little, every so often.
Satsuki: Mei, your hands are black! What happened?
Mei: Mak-kuro Kurosuke escaped!
Satsuki: Oh, Mei, your feet...Oh, mine are black too!
Granny: Oh, Oh. It looks like the 'susu-atari' have come out. (Soot balls of fluff)
Satsuki: Susu-atari? Are susu-atari like this, and move like this?
Granny: Yes, they live in old, empty houses and make dust here and there. I could see them too, when I was young. So, you also saw them....
Father: Are they ghosts?
Granny: Nothing that scary. If you're good, they won't do anything bad. Then before you know it, they're gone. They're probably up in the ceiling right now, discussing whether to move out.
Satsuki: Mei, they're going to leave.
Mei: I don't like that.
Satsuki: But what would you do if they came out at once?
Mei: Mei not scared.
Satsuki: Okay then. I won't go with you to the toilet at night.
Granny: Hee-hee. Say, would you go to the creek and bring up some water?
Satsuki: The creek?
Mei: Mei go too.

(They go to the creek, get a bucket of water)
Satsuki: Mei, you wait there.
Mei: Catch any fish?

(Working the pump)
Satsuki: Granny, it works!
Granny: Keep pumping, until the water runs cold.
Satsuki: Okay.

(Cleaning the house, Kanta arrives with lunch from Granny's house)
Satsuki: Oh, it's you. What can I do for you?
Kanta: From Mother, for Granny.
Satsuki: What is it?
Kanta: Here. Here!
Satsuki: Wait! What is this?
Granny: Is that Kanta?
Granny: KANTA!

(Having lunch...)
Father: Ha, ha, ha! Reminds me of when I was a boy.
Satsuki: I hate boys! But I love Granny's o-hagi (sweet rice cake).
Granny: Eat all you like.

(Later, saying goodbye to Granny)
Satsuki: Thank you for all your help.
Father: Thank you very much.
Satsuki & Mei: Goodbye!
(Evening, a storm coming up. Satsuki is outside collecting wood when a wind whips by, scattering them)

(Later, in the bath during the storm)
Mei: Father, this old house will fall down.
Father: Ha, ha! What a problem, since we just moved in.

(Eerie sounds....)
Father: HA HA HA HA HA! Everyone laugh! So your fears will all run away. HA HA HA HA!!!
Mei: Mei not scared, Mei not scared.

(Everyone laughs and splashes water. The Mak-kuro Kurosuke fly off to the camphor tree. The next morning, doing laundry...)
Mei & Satsuki: One, two, one, two, one, two...
Father: Keep it up, keep it up.
Father: Okay, laundry is finished.
Mei & Satsuki: Yea!
Satsuki: Off we go!

(Riding off on the bicycle to visit the hospital, they pass Granny in the fields)
Satsuki: Granny! Good day!
Father: Don't work too hard!
Granny: Where are you going?
Satsuki: To the hospital to visit mother!
Granny: That's nice! Say hello for me!
Satsuki: Okay!

(They pass Kanta and he and Satsuki stick out there tongues at each other)

(Futher down the road...)
Satsuki: This way, this way!

(At the hospital)
Satsuki: Good day.
Woman: Welcome.
Mei: Oh, MOTHER!
Mother: Mei, it's good to see you!
Mei: Father took the wrong road.
Mother: Really? Welcome.
Satsuki: Today is the Harvest Holiday.
Mother: Oh, so that's it.
Satsuki: Father's talking with the doctor.
Mother: I'm so happy you all came. How's the new house? Are you settled in?

(Satsuki whispers to her mother)
Mother: What? A haunted house?
Satsuki: Uh-huh.
Mei: Mother, do you like haunted houses?
Mother: Of course. I've got to hurry and get well. I'd like to meet a ghost.
Satsuki: That's good. Right, Mei? We were worried. If you were scared, we wouldn't know what to do.
Mother: What about you two?
Satsuki: I like it!
Mei: Mei not scared!
Mother: Is Satsuki doing Mei's hair?
Mei: Uh-huh.
Mother: You're good at it. Isn't that nice, Mei?
Mei: Uh-huh, but Sis gets real mad.
Satsuki: That's because you never stay still.
Mother: Satsuki, come here. Isn't it too short? (Brushing Satsuki's hair)
Satsuki: I like it this way.
Mei: Mei too, Mei too!
Satsuki: Wait your turn.

(Brushing Satsuki's hair)
Mother: Unruly, just like always, isn't it. Exactly like mine when I was your age.
Satsuki: When I grow up, will my hair be just like Mother's?
Mother: Probably, since you're just like I used to be.

(On the road home....)
Satsuki: Mother's looking good, isn't she?
Father: Yes. The doctor was saying she'll be able to leave the hospital soon.
Mei: Soon? tomorrow?
There she goes again with 'tomorrow'.
Father: Tomorrow is probably too soon, though.
Mei: Mother says she wants to sleep together with Mei again.
Satsuki: But you're a big girl now. Weren't you going to sleep by yourself?
Mei: With mother is okay.

(The next morning...)
Satsuki: Father, it's morning!
Mei: Hey, WAKE UP!!

(The kitchen...)
Father: Sorry, I overslept again.
Satsuki: Starting today, I'm taking lunch (to school).
Father: Darn, I completely forgot.
Satsuki: It's okay. I'll make everyone's.
Mei: It's burning!
Satsuki: Just a minute.

(At the table...)
Satsuki: This one is Mei's.
Mei: Mei's?
Father: Mei, sit quietly and eat.
Satsuki: Here. Wrap it yourself, okay?

(A schoolmate calls for Satsuki)
Michiko: Satsuki-chan!
Satsuki: Oh, no! OKAY!!
Father: You made a friend already?
Mei: She called you 'Satsuki-chan'.
Satsuki: Her name is Mit-chan. Gochiso-sama. (Expression used daily after partaking of food, loosely translated as "That was delicious", with an implied "Thank you".) I'll be going.
Father & Mei: Have a nice day.

(Satsuki meeting her friend)
Satsuki: Morning.
Michiko: Morning.
Satsuki: Hurry, let's go.
Michiko: Okay.

(Later, in the garden)
Father, does Mei look like Sis?
Father: Yes. Where are you going with your lunch basket?
Mei: Just over there.

(Mei runs around in the yard for a few minutes)
Mei: Father, is it time for lunch?
Father: What, already?

(Mei plays some more, picking some daisies and placing them on Father's desk)
Mei: Father is a florist, okay?

(At the pond)
Mei: Tadpoles!

(Mei goes to the well and finds a rusted bucket)
Mei: Ah, bottom's gone.

(Looking through the bucket, she sees an acorn in the grass)
Mei: Found one!

(Suddenly, she notices a small creature (Totoro Chibi) running through the grass. She chases it under the porch, where it reappears with another, larger creature (Totoro Chu). After a long chase through underbrush, she falls through a hole and lands nearby a huge version of the 2 creatures she has been chasing. While this large Totoro is sleeping, she climbs upon its stomach.)
Mei: Who are you? Mak-Kuro Kurosuke?
Totoro: To Ro Ro.
Mei: Totoro...Your name is Totoro, right?
Totoro: YAWN.
Mei:'s Totoro, after all...Totoro.

(Later in the day, Satsuki returns from school)
Michiko: Bye.
Satsuki: See you later.
Satsuki: I'm home.
Father: Welcome. Oh, is it that time already?
Satsuki: Where's Mei? I'm going over to Mit-chan's house.
Father: We haven't had lunch yet. Isn't she playing in the garden?
Satsuki: Mei! MEI!!!
Father: Mei!
Satsuki: Mei!

(They search for Mei, until finally they spot her hat near the underbrush)
Satsuki: Father, I found Mei's hat.

(Entering the tunnel of underbrush...)
Satsuki: Mei, Mei!! ....MEI! Wake up! You can't sleep in a place like this!
Mei: Where's Totoro?
Satsuki: Totoro?
Mei: But...but...
Satsuki: Were you dreaming?
Mei: Totoro was here.
Satsuki: Totoro? You mean Tororo that was in the picture book? (The character in the book is Tororo, but Mei mispronounces it as 'Totoro'.)
Mei: Uh-huh. He said he was Totoro. With fur, and a mouth like this. One like this, and one about like this, and a B-I-G-G-G one like this, sleeping!
Father: There you are, there you are. Hey, how great. Just like a secret hideaway.
Satsuki: Father! Mei says she met Totoro here.
Father: Totoro?
Mei: Over here!
Father: Hey, wait!
Satsuki: Here?
Mei: Uh-uh. Before he was by a big tree.
Satsuki: But there was only one pathway...

(Mei goes running into the tunnel again)
Satsuki: Mei, let's go home. I said, Mei!

(Mei emerges about two feet from where she entered the tunnel, shocked)
Father & Satsuki: Ha ha ha ha ha.
Mei: It's true! There really was Totoro! Not a lie.
Father: Mei...
Mei: It not lie.
Father: Uh, Father and Satsuki don't think you're a liar. You must have met the keeper of the forest. That means good fortune is with you. But you can't see him all the time. Say, we haven't offered a proper greeting yet.
Satsuki: Greeting?
Father: Tsukamori! (The shrine for the gods of the forest.) Let's go!

(Climbing the hill....)
Father: Mei's gotten so heavy.
Satsuki: Father, that camphor tree. Isn't it huge?
Mei: There it is!
Satsuki: That tree?
Mei: Yeah!
Satsuki: Father, hurry. Hurry!
Mei: The hole is gone.
Satsuki: Was this really the place?
Mei: Yeah.
Satsuki: She says the hole is gone.
Father: Well, you can't see him all the time.
Satsuki: We'll see him again? I want to meet him too.
Father: Well, if good fortune is with you. Isn't this a beautiful tree? It's been here since long, long ago. Back then, man and trees were friends. Father saw this tree and fell in love with that house. I'm sure Mother will like it too. Well, let's offer our greetings and get back home. We have to eat our lunch.
Satsuki: Oh yeah. I was supposed to go to Mit-chan's.
Mei: Mei go too.

Father: (To Mei and Satsuki) Attention!
Father: (To the gods of the forest) Thank you for taking care of Mei. From this moment on, 'Onegai itashimasu'. (Encountered earlier. Itashimasu is the even more polite form of the verb, shimasu, which is the polite form of suru (to do).)
Mei & Satsuki: Onegai itashimasu.
Father: A race to the house!
Satsuki: Cheater!
Mei: (Drops hat and turns around to pick it up) Wait!
Satsuki: Hurry!
Mei: Wait!

(Satsuki writing a letter...)
Letter: Today I have wonderful news. Mei met the spirit, Totoro. I'm thinking
it would be wonderful to meet him too.

(The next morning, at Granny's house)
Kanta's Mother: Kanta! If you don't hurry, you'll be late!

(In the classroom)
Satsuki: Oh, it's Mei...Teacher?
Teacher: Yes, Satsuki?
Satsuki: My younger sister...

(Satsuki runs outside to meet Mei and Granny)
Satsuki: Granny, Mei...
Granny: Well, she says she wants to go where you are, and she won't listen.
Satsuki: But Mei, today's Father's day at the university and you promised to be a good girl and stay with Granny. I have two more hours, and Granny's busy too.
Granny: She was a good girl all day, right?
Satsuki: Sigh.....Granny, I'll go and speak with the teacher.

Teacher: Satsuki's mother is in the hospital and it's rather difficult right now. Class, we'll do all we can to help, right?
Everyone: Right!

(Mei drawing at Satsuki's desk)
Michiko: What's that?
Mei: It's Totoro!
Satsuki: Shhhhh. You have to be quiet.
Mei: Okay!

(School lets out...)
Satsuki: Tell them I'm going to skip the club today.
Friend: Okay, I'll tell the teacher. See you later.
Satsuki: Mei, let's hurry! It looks like rain.
Satsuki: Here it comes...

(Taking shelter under a roadside shrine...A common sight in rural Japan, a roadside shrine to Jizo-san, the patron saint of travelers)
Mei: Mei won't cry. Is she a big girl?
Satsuki: Yes, but what a problem.
(To Jizo-san)
Satsuki: Please let us share your roof for a little while.

(Kanta walks past with an umbrella, sees Satsuki, and turns around)
Kanta: Here. Here. Here!
Satsuki: But...

(Kanta leaves the umbrella on the ground and runs off)
Mei: Good thing. Right, Sis?
Satsuki: Mm.
Mei: It's got holes.
Satsuki: Mm.

(Later at home...)
Satsuki: Father didn't take an umbrella.
Mei: Mei go to meet him too.

(At Granny's house)
Kanta: And that's why I forgot it!
Mother: (Kanta's Mother) What dummy would forget his umbrella when it's raining?
Kanta: That hurts!
Mother: You were probably swinging it around and broke it.
Kanta: I didn't!
Satsuki: Excuse me.
Mother: Oh, Satsuki. And little Mei, too. Granny!
Satsuki: Thank you for today (taking care of Mei).
Mother: You're welcome. It wasn't much.
Satsuki: Oh, Kanta lent us his umbrella.
Mother: Really? That kid? It's such a beat up old umbrella.
Satsuki: Mei was with me, so it really saved us. But Kanta got all wet. Thank you.
Mother: That's all right. He's always so dirty anyway; he must have gotten a little bit cleaner. Are you going to meet your father?
Satsuki: Yes.
Mother: How thoughtful. Mei-chan, bye bye.
Mei: Bye bye.
(Granny sticks her head in the door)
Granny: Who came?
Kanta: I don't know.

(Arriving at the bus stop to meet their father)
Satsuki: There it comes.
Conductor: Are you getting on? All right, driver.
Mei: Father wasn't on it.
Satsuki: It'll be the next bus for sure. Does Mei want to wait at Granny's house?

(Mei is bored, explores the nearby woods, and is frightened by a fox statue at a Shinto shrine to Inari-san, the fox-god)
Satsuki: What's wrong?
Satsuki: Mei, are you sleepy? That's why I told you...Want to go to Granny's house now? Hold on, it's just a little longer....The bus is sure late...Here. (Satsuki lifts Mei onto her back)

(Another passenger arrives at the bus stop)
Satsuki: Totoro?......Ah, just a minute. I'll lend you this...Hurry, Mei will fall. Use it like this.

(Totoro takes Father's umbrella and is enchanted by the sound of the rain against it. Oncoming headlights...)
Satsuki: The bus is coming.

(When Totoro's Neko-Bus (Cat Bus) arrives, he departs with the umbrella, leaving Satsuki with a small package.)
Satsuki: Totoro took father's umbrella....

(The normal bus arrives)
Father: Ah, sorry, sorry.
Conductor: Departure. All right.
Father: The train was late and I missed the bus. Were you worried?
Mei: It came! Father, it came! It came!
Mei and Satsuki: A cat, a cat bus! Really huge! With eyes like this! It was wonderful! We met him, we met him! We met Totoro! It was fantastic!

(Satsuki writing a letter)
Letter: Mother, it feels like my heart is still racing. It was a fantastic, strange, wonderful day. And the gift Totoro gave us was wonderful too. It was a bamboo-leaf package, tied with a dragon's whisker. When we got home, we opened it and inside were nuts. If our garden became a forest, it would be beautiful, so we planted them. But they just won't grow. Every day, Mei says 'Still nothing, there's still nothing'. She's just like the crab of the monkey-crab fable.
It will soon be summer vacation. Please hurry and get well. Satsuki.

Father: Okay, okay. I'm going to turn it off.
Satsuki: Wait.
Mei: Father, I wonder if they'll come up tommorrow?
Father: I wonder. Totoro would probably know. Good night.

(Later that night, both children awake)
Satsuki: Mei, that's where we planted the seeds.

(In the garden, the three Totoros dance about the seeds and they began to grow at an amazing rate)
Satsuki: Hooray! We did it, we did it!

(After the garden has grown into a forest, Totoro produces a top and throws it onto the ground. As it begins to spin, Mei, Satsuki, and the two smaller Totoros jump on top of Totoro. With his umbrella in hand, Totoro hops onto the top and they all go flying across the countryside.)
Satsuki: Mei, we're the wind!

(The next morning, the children awake to find their forest is gone)
Mei: There's no tree.

(At the garden, some of the seeds have sprouted)
Mei & Satsuki: We did it, we did it! It was a dream but it wasn't a dream! It was a dream but it wasn't a dream! We did it!

Mail Man: Mr. Kusakabe, telegram. Mr. Kusakabe, it's a telegram. Nobody home?
(In Granny's vegetable patch)
Mei: Granny!
Granny: Over here. This one's ready to eat.
Satsuki: Granny, how about this one?
Granny: It's ripe.
Satsuki: Granny's garden is like a treasure-hill.
Granny: Say, let's take a little rest....They're nice and cold.
Satsuki: Itadakimasu. It's delicious.
Granny: Is it? They've gotten a lot of Mr. Sun, so they're also good for you.
Satsuki: For Mother's sickness, too?
Granny: Of course. If you eat Granny's vegetables, you'll get real healthy fast.
Satsuki: Mother's coming home this Saturday.
Mei: She will sleep with Mei.
Granny: So she's finally leaving the hospital.
Satsuki: Un-uh. It's not for good. She'll return to the hospital on Monday. It seems they're going to release her gradually.
Granny: Is that right? Then we're going to have to get her to eat more and more.
Mei: The corn Mei picked, Mei will give to Mother.
Granny: That will make her so happy.

(Kanta comes running up)
Kanta: A telegram. Nobody was home so we accepted it for you.
Satsuki: For our house? Granny, Father won't be home until evening.
Granny: Open it. It might be an emergency.
Satsuki: Mmm.
Satsuki: (reading) P-l-e-a-s-e re-ply, shi-chi-koku-yama...Shichikokuyama Hospital! It's from Mother's Hospital! Something's happened! Granny, what shall I do? We have to answer!
Granny: Calm down, calm down. Do you know where your father is?
Satsuki: I know the telephone number of the research department, but we don't have a phone.
Granny: Kanta, take her to your uncle's. Let her use the phone. Mei, you stay with me.
Satsuki: Mei, you stay with Granny!

(At the Uncle's house)
Satsuki: Hello, long distance please. Tokyo 31-1382. Yes.
Old woman: Isn't she cute, Kanta?
(The phone rings)
Satsuki: Hello, yes....Hello, is this the Archaeology Research Department? Father, I mean, Mr. Kusakabe please. This is Satsuki Kusakabe. All right.....Oh Father, it's Satsuki.
Father: Yes, what is it? Uh-huh...from the hospital? I understand. I'll call the hospital right away.
Satsuki: Did something happen with Mother? What shall I do? Father?
Father: Don't worry. As soon as I find out what it's all about, I'll call you. Ask them to let you wait there. I'm going to hang up now.
Satsuki: Ma'am, may I wait here? Father will call back.
Old woman: Of course. Rest awhile.

Mei: Sis!
Mei: No way! This corn is for Mother. I said, no way! I'm giving this to Mother.

(Meeting up with Satsuki and Kanta...)
Satsuki: It seems Mother's not feeling well, so they're delaying her home visit.
Mei: No!
Satsuki: It can't be helped. If she rushes it and gets worse, what'll we do?
Mei: No!
Satsuki: It's just a short postponement.
Mei: No!
Satsuki: Then it's all right if Mother dies, is that right?
Mei: NO!
Satsuki: You dummy! I'm not talking to you anymore!

(Satsuki leaves Kanta and Mei)
Kanta: Let's go.
Mei: Sis is a dummy!

(At the house...)
Granny: Let's put away the laundry. Don't be so sad. Granny's come to help, so perk up. Isn't your Father at the hospital? They say it's just a cold. She'll be home next Saturday.
Satsuki: It was just like this last time. Just a short stay at the hospital. A little cold. What will we do if Mother dies?
Granny: But, Satsuki...
Satsuki: Maybe she'll...
Granny: It's okay, it's okay. Who would die and leave such nice children? Don't cry, don't cry. Granny will be here till your father comes home. Okay?

(Mei sees Satsuki crying and leaves with the corn. Later...)
Granny: Mei-chan!
Satsuki: Mei! Mei!
Satsuki: Did Mei come home?
Granny: You didn't see her at the bus stop?
Satsuki: No.
Granny: Funny, where could she have gone?
Satsuki: A little while ago, we had a fight. Because Mei's a ...That kid. I wonder if she went to Mother's hospital?
Granny: The Shichikokuyama Hospital? It would take even an adult at least three hours to walk there.
Satsuki: I'm going to look.
Granny: Kanta! Hurry and call your father! Mei's disappeared!

(Running down the road...)
Satsuki: Darn Mei! She's always getting lost.
Satsuki: MEI!
Satsuki: Excuse me, Mister. Did a little girl pass by on this road? My little sister.
Farmer: Hmmmm...a little girl? I would remember if I saw someone...
Satsuki: I wonder if it was another road?

(She looks around from the top of the hill)
Farmer: Are you sure she came this way?
Satsuki: I don't know.

(Further down the road)
Satsuki: Mei!

(Satsuki jumps in front of an oncoming car)
Satsuki: Stop, please!
Man: You fool! That's dangerous!
Satsuki: I'm looking for my little sister. Did you see a little girl?
Woman: Your little sister?Sastsuki: I think she's on her way to the Shichikokuyama Hospital. Four years old, a little girl.
Man: Ryoko, did you see anyone?
Woman: Uh-uh. We came from Shichikokuyama, but we didn't see anyone like that.
Satsuki: Oh. Thank you.
Man: Where did you come from?
Satsuki: From Matsu-go.
Man: Matsu-go?
Woman: Isn't there some mistake?
Man: Well, bye.

(Kanta rides up on his bicycle)
Kanta: Satsuki!
Satsuki: Kan-chan! Find her?
Kanta: No. How about you? Right now Dad and the others are searching. I'll go to Shichikokuyama for you. You go home.
Satsuki: Mei tried to get to the hospital and got lost on the way. I'm sure.
Kanta: A while ago, they found a sandal in the pond.

(Satsuki starts to run off)
Kanta: We don't know for sure if it belongs to Mei!

(Passing the farmer again)
Farmer: Did you find her?

(At the pond...)
Granny: Nami Amida Buddha, Nami Amida Buddha... (a Buddhist chant)
Man: The mud's deeper over there! Try there first!
Man: Hey, got another pole?
Michiko: Granny, Satsuki's coming.
Satsuki: Granny!
Granny: (Showing her the sandal) This...this is it.
Satsuki: It's not Mei's.
Granny: Thank heaven. I thought for sure it was Mei's.
Man: What, Granny jumped to conclusions?
Man: Hey, it was a mistake!
Man: Where could she have gone?
Man: We'll have to start over again.
Woman: We'll have to hurry. It'll be dark soon.Man: Thanks everyone.
Man: Let's divide up and search some more.

(At the entrance to Totoro's tunnel)
Satsuki: Please let me through to Totoro's den. Mei's lost. It'll be dark soon, and that kid, she's lost somewhere.

(Speaking to Totoro)
Satsuki: Totoro! Totoro! Mei's lost! I've searched all over, but I can't find her. Please, find Mei. I'm sure she's crying somewhere right now. I don't know what to do!

(Totoro flies with Satsuki to the top of his tree and roars. A second later, the Cat bus can be seen galloping through the countryside.)
Satsuki: Everyone can't see it!

(Cat bus stops at tree and Satsuki boards. The sign on the front flips to 'MEI' and he takes off)
Granny: (yelling from the road as they pass) Mei-chan!
Satsuki: The trees are leaning out of the way!

(The Cat bus arrives beside a series of Jizo-san statues)
Satsuki: Mei!
Mei: Sis! Sis!
Satsuki: Mei!
Mei: Sis!
Satsuki: You dummy!
Mei: I'm sorry!
Satsuki: You wanted to bring that corn to Mother?

(The Cat bus sign flips to 'SHICHIKOKUYAMA HOSPITAL')
Satsuki: You'll take us to the hospital? Thank you!

(The Cat bus races to the hospital)

(At the hospital, Father and Mother are talking by her bed)
Mother: I'm sorry. It's just a little cold and the hospital had to go and send a telegram. The kids are sure to be worried. They shouldn't have done it.
Father: Well, the kids will be relieved when they hear. We've all come this far. Our good times are just put off for a little while, that's all.
Mother: Those kids have to put up with so much. Satsuki's such a sensitive child, I feel sorry for her.
Father: You're right.
Mother: When I get home I plan to really spoil them.
Father: Hey, hey...

(In the tree, the Cat bus and the children are watching through the window)
Mei: Mother's laughing.
Satsuki: She looks okay.
Mei: Uh-huh.

(The hospital room)
Mother: Ah, I've got to hurry and get well.
Father: Yes....What?....Who could it be?
Mother: Ah...
Father: What's the matter?
Mother: (looking out the window) Just now, in the pine tree, I thought I saw Mei and Satsuki laughing...
Father: (picking up a piece of corn from the window) It could be. Look!

(Carved into the husk of the corn, in a child's writing, are the words TO MOTHER)