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Welcome to Irish and Celtic Ring Japan. This ring is a service to all those organisations and people who own websites that are concerned with Celtic-Japan relations.
The topics relating to this ring include cultural, social, economic links between Irish, Celtic and Japanese organisations and people including music, trade, history, sports, current affairs, festivals, education, art, literature, science, government agencies, food and drink, politics etc. If you feel that your website belongs to this ring then please join this ring.
Note: the function of a ring such as this ring is to link all related websites together so that it becomes much more easy for users and browsers to find related websites. The ring is a more focussed way of finding and searching for information on a specific topic. As the ring grows in size the ring becomes even more powerful as a source of specialised information .
Additionally, by joining a ring you will benefit with an increased number of visits to your site. If you join the Irish & Celtic Ring you will benefit from a greater number of accesses to you website by people with an interest in Celtic-Japan relations. So go ahead become a ring member and enjoy its benefits.
Please SUBMIT your page. If you have any Questions? Please send E- mail. Thanks .

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