Leaving Japan

You can leave Japan with your motorcycle by ferry to Russia or Korea. Or you can ship by sea or air.  

Sea and air shipping 


If you ship your bike by sea, I recommend you use Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe, Osaka, or Fukuoka port. These are the largest in Japan. 

If you ship by air, Tokyo/Narita, Kansai, or Fukuoka airports are probably best.


Shipping companies may provide crating services. But this is VERY expensive. Ask an import motorcycle dealer for a used crate. Some BMW dealers speak English. Rent a small truck and take the crate to the port. Then, crate your bike yourself at the shipping company warehouse. 

Shipping companies

Here is contact information for some shipping companies that handle motorcycles. Sometimes you may not get an answer by e-mail, so you will have to call or visit the office. 

Please give contact me if you know of any other shipping companies. 


3-7-6 Kyobashi Chuo-Ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3 3538 6660 (outside Japan) / 03 -3538-6660 (inside Japan)
Mr. Izuru Takahashi
izuru_takahashi [AT] asej [DOT] co [DOT] jp

Nippon Express

Osaki CN Building
5-10-10 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-5434-0287 (outside Japan) / 03-5434 0287 (inside Japan)
fax: +81-3-5434-0295 (outside Japan) / 03-5434-0295 (inside Japan)
Air cargo: Japan.Air [AT] air [DOT] nittsu [DOT] co [DOT] jp
Sea cargo: Japan.Ocean [AT] ocnis [DOT] nittsu [DOT] co [DOT] jp



Vladivostok (from Sakaiminato)

This ferry to Vladivostok usually leaves once a week on Friday. It is run by DBS Cruise Ferry (site in English, Korean, Russian, and Japanese). Address is 9-23, Shouwa-machi, Sakaiminato City, Tottori. Tel: 81-859-30-2332 (0859-30-2332 in Japan) Fax: 81-859-30-2313 (0859-30-2313 in Japan). See HERE for detailed information on the ferry from travelers.


The ferry to Koraskov on Sakhalin island runs about once a week. It is operated by Heartland Ferry. Telephone number is 0162-23-3780 for Wakkanai city, and 011-233-8010 for the head office in Sapporo. 

The ferry leaves from the ferry terminal at Wakkanai on the north end of Hokkaido island. After you have tickets for the ferry, Go to customs to have them stamp your carnet. 

The ferry company may tell you to use a customs broker in Russia that they recommend. However, this is very expensive‚Ķ  


Ferries to Busan, Korea leave from Shimonoseki or Fukuoka
Both ferries usually depart once a day. 

The Shmonoseki to Busan ferry is run by Kampu Ferry (site in Japanese), telephone number is 083-224-3000. 

The Fukuoka to Busan ferry is run by Camellia Line (site in Japanese), Telephone number is 092-262-2323. 

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