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A-Side Records

A-Side Records released their penultimate CD, Brian Wilson "Masterpiece" on 15 January 1996. This features many of Brian Wilson's songs, as performed by groups other than The Beach Boys. Their final release was Phil Spector "Masterpiece Volume 3", in March, 1996. View the A-Side catalogue.

Art Space

Art Space's only release was the long-awaited first issue on CD of the debut Walker Brothers' LP, "Take It Easy With The Walker Brothers", featuring 9 bonus tracks! This has now been issued in far better quality from the master tapes on Mercury, although the Art Space release still has a few tracks which are unavailable elsewhere on CD. Here is the Art Space home page!


Sundazed, a New York reissue label, has put out a variety of wonderful CDs over the past few years.

Web Page Of Edison Lighthouse

"Salaryman" Mr. Asada has created an fascinating homepage devoted to Tony Burrows and Edison Lighthouse, with lots of pictures of rare Japanese sleeves.

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