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Sundazed Records released "Bruce and Terry", its jacket bearing slight similarities to the M & M CD, but the quality far surpassing the M & M CD, on which many songs had been taken from vinyl sources. The inclusion of several unissued tracks was an unexpected bonus.


Scheduled release of Lisa's CD, "Lost Winter's Dream" (unreleased).

1997 (Summer)

Elliot Kendall's long awaited CD "Le Hot Show" was finally released on a local Los Angeles label.


Hep Stars: "It's Been A Long Long Time" (MMCD 1022) (3,500 yen)

They were called the Swedish Beatles, they included Benny Andersson and occasionally Bjorn Ulvaeus, the songwriting half of Abba, and they were big Beach Boys fans! This album, released in 1968, has a soft rock sound, and features songs also recorded by The Association, Sagittarius, Millennium, Ballroom ..... These artists, while generally unsuccessful at the time of their original release, are now regarded as having been highly innovative. This release featured 12 bonus tracks. Here is a comprehensive Hep Stars discography.

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The Rockin' Rebels: "Raise Some Hell"(MMCD 1021) (2,600 yen)

Classic roots / rockabilly from Southern California, boasting liner notes by journalist and rock and roll television host Art Fein. Featuring MTV Basement Tapes finalist "Let's Bop!"

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Various Artists : "In My Room"

A fantastic tribute to The Beach Boys, with some of the proceeds going to help homeless people in California. Features liner notes by Brian Wilson's manager, David Leaf, and music by various Beach Boys fans, including M & M artists Elliot Kendall, Ken Sharp and Sean Macreavy. The only non-Beach Boys song is Alan Boyd's "Everybody's Waiting", such a good tribute to Brian's style that it was included on a CD bootleg of Brian Wilson's "Sweet Insanity"! There are also contributions from Darian and Nick of L.A. band The Wondermints, whose second album, released on the Toy's Factory label, includes a cover of "Guess I'm Dumb".

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