True Short Stories Of India (And The Search For The Purpose Of Life)

By PF Sloan

This work is available in two formats. For those who own Adobe Acrobat Reader (available as a free download from, it is recommended to download the .pdf version.
True Short Stories of India Download as a pdf file

Otherwise, it can be read following the links below.

Story 1 The Buddha in the Cave
Story 2 The Underground
Story 3 Taxi to Infinity
Story 4 In a Bombay Alley (Available in the book "What's Exactly The Matter With Me")
Story 5 The Man from Honeywell Arrives
Story 6 Secret Messages
Story 7 The Bank Caper
Story 8 Caveman
Story 9 Give Me A Brake
Story 10 Doesn't Compute
Story 11 Without A Leg To Stand On
Story 12 An Interview
Story 13 Earth Day