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Fukiage Onsen Rotenburo

Fukiage Onsen in Hokkaido. Fukiage onsen is a free, open air, and mixed hot spring.
There are two baths. One large and one a little smaller lying right next to the large one, but lying a little higher. Both baths are rock baths lying on top of a little cliff with a quite nice view of the forest. The water is clear and not too hot, although in the summer it is nice to take a shower under the cool water being led into the large pool through a plastic tube to keep cool.
There are no rooms to undress in, but only a plastic roof on some steel poles under where you can undress even in the rain without getting wet. Usually people undress here, some change into bathing suit, and hang their clothes on the steel poles.
Map of Hokkaido. Fukiage onsen is located in the forest half way up Tokachi-dake. From Kami-Furanotake route 291 leading to Tokachi-dake onsen. Before reaching Tokachi-dake onsen take route 966 leading back down the mountain. Going back down the mountain, you will pass a parking lot on your left side. Pull in here, park, and walk the rest little way to the hot spring. The walk to the hot spring won't take 5 minutes.

Fukiage Onsen Rotenburo. I had slept on a parking lot near Tokachi onsen the night before. It had been raining, and I had not been able to find Fukiage onsen. I left the parking lot the following morning and found soon Fukiage onsen. There was a parking lot with a few cars parked, and a little trail leading down to the hot spring. On my way down to the hot spring I could hear and see some people in it. It looked pretty nice being there in the middle of mother nature.

I undressed and got in the hot water with everyone else. Unfortunately they did not seem be too friendly. There was a young couple both wearing bathing suits, and while I was there a few more people showed up and all got in in bathing suits. What a shame people are so shy.

One of the guys I had met at Karamatsu-no-yu a few days before had told me that Rie Miyazawa had been in this hot spring in some TV series. Maybe that was why there were so many people, because there was nothing else really special about this hot spring. Although it was free, open air, and mixed, I did not enjoy it as much as many of the other hot springs I visited in Hokkaido.

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