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Futsukaichi Onsen

Futsukaichi onsen in Fukuoka prefecture.Futsukaichi onsen is a famous and very old public hot spring in the middle of Futsukaichi.
Like all other public hot springs it is divided into a men's and woman's area, and there are good facilities to undress in, and plenty of fosets where one can wash oneself before getting in one of the bath tubs.

Map of Fukuoka prefecture. >From Fukuoka city take route 3 south towards Futsukaichi onsen. Get off route 3 and go to the center of Futsukaichi. Either find a map and find out exactly where the hot spring is, or drive around until you find it.

Futsukaichi onsen was my last planned hot spring on my tour to Kyushu. I had already been in may different hot springs. Some had been pretty ordinary, and some had been very enjoyable. I was now looking forward to trying out Futsukaichi onsen, which I had read was a very old and famous hot spring. I imagined yet another unusual and enjoyable hot spring before leaving lovely Kyushu and going back to Tokyo.

I left Fukuoka city in the early evening and headed a little south in the direction of Futsukaichi town. I was driving on a road which seemed to be an expressway judging from the speed of the cars. It was not the least enjoyable, so I turned off as soon as I saw a sign saying Futsukaichi. When I finally got to Futsukaichi, I found out that it was quite a big town. I guess the hot spring was VERY popular, and it did not look like I was going to get into an exciting hot spring that night. Most of all because I could not find it. I drove around for quite a while looking for the hot spring. I finally got to something looking like a main street, and found a map. I found the hot spring on the map, and figured out how to get there. When I finally arrived at the hot spring, I saw to my disappointment, a big old building. Having come this far, I was most definitely going to get in the hot spring. So I got off my Harley and into the hot spring. It was like any public bath. There was a large tiled bath inside and fosets all along the wall. I still wonder why this hot spring is so famous?

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