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Seseki Onsen

Seseki Onsen in HokkaidoSeseki onsen is a free, open air, and mixed hot spring.
Seseki onsen is a private hot spring owned and maintained by the person living in the house right in front of it. Before getting in the bath, you are supposed to obtain permission from the owner.
There are two small rock baths in the ocean with hot water coming up from the ground. One bath is warm, while the other bath is very hot. The water is clear.

There are no dressing rooms or places to put ones clothes. People usually undress on the beach and jump in the hot spring in a bathing suit.

Map of HokkaidoSeseki onsen is located on the southern coast line of the Shiretoko peninsula.
>From Rausu town take the local road 87 towards the end of Shiretoko peninsula. Just before the end of the road, you will see people getting out of their clothes and getting into 2 little pools in the sea. This is Seseki onsen.

I had just left Rausu onsen and was looking for a road to Seseki onsen. According to one of my guide books, there was no road, but it must have been a little old, because I could drive all the way to the hot spring. It was easy to find, and I got off my Harley and looked at it from a distance. There were quite a lot of people in it, all wearing bathing suits. I got my bathing suit and my little towel and headed back for the hot spring. As I approached the hot spring I saw 3 young men getting in only wearing a little towel. "That was more like it!" I thought. I stripped down too and got in also only wearing a little towel. As I entered, the 3 men said "There is one more person who knows how to get in a hot spring."

Besides the 3 men there was a family consisting of an old man, his daughter, her husband, and their little daughter. The 3 naked men and I played a little with the little daughter. The old man suddenly started talking to me and explained that the young woman was his daughter. He then said "Isn't she cute." What could I say but "Yes!". Ahh, the pride of a father...

I returned to Seseki onsen a few years later when my friend from Denmark visited me. When we got to Seseki onsen it was already late in the after noon, and there were only 3 guys in the bath. We started getting out of our clothes, and one of the guys started yelling to us from the bath out in the sea, that we had to get permission from the owner before getting in. I hadn't done that the first time I got in, but instead of arguing with this guy, I went to the house and knocked on the door. A young man showed up, and I asked if it was OK to get in the bath. He was probably tired of getting disturbed all the time, but he was very friendly, and immediately granted us permission to use the bath.

I headed for the bath where the 3 guys were in, the same that I had been in the first time, and my friend headed for the other one. When the guy that had yelled to us saw my friend going for the other one, he yelled that he was not allowed to get in that bath. That was only for the father (the owner). The friendly guy from the house had now come down to the bath, and explained that that was not true. Normally only the father could get in because it was very hot. The 3 jerks in the bath had misunderstood and had been sitting in the cold bath all the time. They immediately moved to the hot bath, which was a lot better.

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