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Yufuin Onsen. Shitan-yu

Yufuin onsen Stan-yu in Oita prefecture.Yufuin onsen, Shitan-yu is a public, open air and mixed hot spring.
It is located in the town by a little pond. It is half inside an old wooden building and half out side. As such there is a place to undress and shelves to put one clothes on, but men and woman has to do it together. The bath is a build up rock bath with small rocks on the bottom. The water is nice and hot. This is one of the more idyllic hot springs in Japan, a hot spring where you should bring your family if they do not mind getting naked among strangers of both sexes.

Map of Oita prefecture.Yufuin onsen is very easy to find. It is a little town located a little west of Beppu city. When you get to Yufuin town, just look for and follow the signs for Shitan-yu. You can't miss it.

It was on my trip around Kyushu in 1995 that I visited Yufuin onsen, Shitan-yu. I had read about it in several books, and had gotten the impression that it is quite famous. This was confirmed by signs in Yufuin showing the way to Shitan-yu. When I entered to old building in which the bath is, I only saw a few men. Although the bath was famous, it obviously was not too crowded. I undressed and got in the bath. I said hello to the guys in the bath in Japanese to let them know that I would be able to speak with them in their language. This usually has a good effect, as people get currious and start speaking to me. As usual they asked me where I was from, and I explained them a little about my country Denmark.

The bath was really nice. The water was nice and warm, and the view of the little pond was not bad at all. Being in a nice place like that, I was in no hurry to move on, so I just relaxed and let time go by. Several people came and went, and I had to explain about Denmark several times. By the time I finally left, I was sure that everyone knew every thing that is to know about Denmark. However, I soon learned that I was wrong. I had put on all my clothes, and just gotten out of the door when I could hear one of the guys in the bath asking one of the other guys where I was from. To my surprise the guy answered SWEDEN! The Swedes owe it all to us Danes.

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