Visiting Far East Lodge No. 1 FAQ

I'm a Mason visiting Japan. Can I visit Far East Lodge No. 1?

Any Master Mason belonging to a lodge recognized by the Grand Lodge of Japan is welcome to visit Far East Lodge No. 1. Details of meetings and the location of the Yokohama Masonic Temple are available on this website, but please contact the Secretary of the lodge before you come.

I'm new to Yokohama. How do I get to the lodge?

Most visitors come by train to Yamate Station on the JR Negishi Line and then either walk to the lodge or take a taxi. If you're not sure of the directions, or can't speak Japanese, please call the lodge office when you get to Yamate Station and someone will walk down and meet you.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

Yes, please remember to bring a current dues card or other document showing that you're in good standing with your mother lodge. It's not necessary to bring any Masonic regalia with you. The lodge has a stock of aprons, etc. for visitors.

Does Far East Lodge No. 1 have a dress code?

The three pillars of the Lodge are required to wear a jacket and tie, but there is no restriction on other members and visitors. However, the Lodge does ask members and visitors to respect the dignity of our meetings by avoiding inappropriate clothing.

Does the lodge have a harmony or festive board?

Yes. From approximately noon until the beginning of a meeting at 1 p.m., there is an informal get-together in the conference room of the temple, with rolls, sandwiches, coffee and soft drinks available. Although these light refreshments are free, a small voluntary donation to offset the cost is greatly appreciated.

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