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Hi-Tech 70s

Honor must be paid to the gritty "hi-tech" world of 1977 that Romero captured so well in DOTD. No doubt there are those in the 2000s that pity we who lived in the 1970s for what must have been an entirely prehistoric existence: knuckle scrapping knobs and levers; brutal vending machines that suck your entire strength from just the simple act of pulling a snack's silver release lever (but how I loved the stacked rolls of Life-Savers on the left-hand side of these machines with the more advanced pushbutton technology); helicopters without so much as a single integrated circuit aboard -- strictly gears, pumps and electric switches. Finally, no Post-its. Home made signs were improvised from ripped up cardboard onto which a message was scrawled (preferably with crayon). It was then stuck to some equally hi-tech coffee machine by a wad of seemingly magical Scotch Tape (at least we had that in the 1970s).