Roger and Peter come running to the aid of Stephen and Fran at the airdock in a "borrowed" Philadelphia Police car. Only thing is, if you look at the patrol car's logo closely, you can see that it's really a Pittsburgh Police car. (Thanks to Gary Leeke.)

Here's Peter with his hands full of those zombie brats that had censors around the world in an uproar when the film premiered. But wait! What's this on the right side of the screen? Must have been the hand of the guy holding the leash of those toddlers before they tried to munch out on our favorite trooper.

This one is truly annoying! First Roger is covered with blood. And then it's like someone tossed him a box of Towelette, as a moment later he's near devoid of the red juice of life. What's most irritating about this is how easily first timers pick this one up and use it to pooh-pooh the film. Oh ye of little imagination!

This is a good one! You got the ZOMBIES doing their thing: giving chase to human flesh. And you got the MEN doing their MAN thing: getting the goods needed to ensure survival. Unfortunately, the ever serious trio is too busy to bother looking down the aisle where someone is walking around in plain view.