u~mؓv Umenoki pass circuit 2 from Ome (24.5km, 700m climb, 1hr17)

The road joining Akigawa kaido and Tsuru tsuru kaido is very quiet and mostly traffic cannot pass through but the surface is fine.
There is a gate at the top (Umenoki pass) and traffic cannot enter the hill on the Sawai side.
This descent from Umenoki pass down towards Sawai is not so good in sections and is very dangerous when the road is wet, so it would be safer to descend the same way going down by the onsen unless the roads are dry.

See Umenoki - road for GPS data (Garmin Edge 705) and map for this route.
Also, see mtb13 for an MTB route which takes a shortcut on a dirt road from the horse stable to the top.

Road: 24.5km; short, steep climbs; quiet roads.

Route: Ome, Umegaya pass, Horse stable pass, Tsuru tsuru kaido, Umenoki pass, Sawai, Ome

TBA. In meantime, you can view the map from the GPS link above.