Patto's 216 Windows colors - red centered

The easiest color palette on the internet !


216 Windows colors - blue centered

216 Windows colors - green centered

216 Windows colors - purple centered

I have increased the legibility of the hexadecimal code numbers in the chart. Please contact me if you still have difficulties reading ! If the image or the hex numbers appear blurred, then, if you are using Netscape, try right-click and View Image. This may give you a clearer picture than the one imedded in the page.

Hex to Dec conversion: 00 = 0; 33 = 51; 66 = 102; 99 = 153; CC = 204; FF = 255.
For more information on Windows colors please check out Victor Engel's No Dither Netscape Color Palette page.
See also the Color Management Articles at the Microsoft Site Builder Workshop.
More color palettes can be found at AAWD (Web Graphics): Colors


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