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... and for those who are inclined to view some pictures of my gaijin life in Tokyo ...
Some unusual pictures from the world of sumo.
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Useful Resources at a Glance
NTT NTT Telephone Information
KDD KDDI, ITJ (Japan Telecom), IDC
Post Office Post Office home page
TEPCO Tokyo Electric Power Company
tg_logo.gif - 1.26 K Tokyo Gas
Osaka Gas Osaka Gas
KEPCO Kansai Electic Power Co.
GDB Good Day Books
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My food and gourmet pages, as well as some links to other selected sites:

Patto's Tokyo Restaurants - over 300 restaurants with an English menu in the Tokyo Metropolitan area.
The Food Dictionary - a dictionary for food terms in English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
Tokyo Food Page - Robb Satterwhite's complete information on Tokyo and food.
Tokyo Q - Restaurant and Izakaya archives by Ian Kennedy.
Gourmet Navigator (Kanto) - another way of finding a restaurant...
Tokyo Glutton's restaurant collection.
The World-Wide Sushi Restaurant Reference by John Maraist.
Tokyo Wine News - a monthly publication about buying and enjoying fine wine in Tokyo.
MUTANT NINJA SOYBEANS! - More than you'll ever need to know about NATTO!!! Mark Schreiber's famous article for the Tokyo Weekender.

And here some other pages of interest in Japan:

[TRTA-logo]Subways in Tokyo - Tokyo Subway Map (English, dated Dec 97)

ekisupa Travel Expert.
How to get from any station to any other station (or airport) in Japan.
Built by KDD for the Nagano olympics.


TOWNPAGE - NTT's Japan Telephone Directory.

YUJIROYUJIRO - the new Japan 7-digit postal code search system.

Tokyo Journal - The online edition of Tokyo's hottest magazine.

The Tokyo Weekender
has been serving the international community in Japan since 1970.

yomiuri.gif - 8.0 KThe Daily Yomiuri On-line.

The Japan Times Online.

The new and improved Tokyo Classified Online.

[Embassy Avenue]Embassy Avenue - Information and list of embassies in Tokyo.

toilet.jpgTokyo Toilet Guide - in case if you ever have to visit a public toilet...

Jeffrey Friedl's Japanese<&emdash;>English Dictionary Gateway.

Units and Count Numbers table in English and Japanese.

NJWIN - browse Japanese Web pages on English Windows95 ! -- NJSTAR - Japanese Word Processor for English Windows95 !

- using Japanese on English Windows !

GSC Limited
Videotape Conversion

skysoft.gif - 4.08 K
English books
at US prices, delivered from Tokyo. More than 2 million titles!


Foreign Buyers Club
Foreign Buyers' Club
Over 40,000 items imported from the USA: groceries, household goods, cosmetics, etc.


GaijinNetThe Finest Tokyo Guide and Tokyo based Foreign Forum.

TLN Tokyo Life NavigatorTokyo Survival Guide is now Tokyo Life Navigator! Easier to use, more information, more stuff!

jingold.gif - 1.80 KIf all of the above information is not enough, try the Japan Information Network.
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