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Origins: Here I have provided the original language or country, together with the form (a: adjective, v: verb, n: noun, nf: feminine, nm: masculine, nn: neutral).

Translations are given where known; in some cases I was unable to find the correct word; sometimes there is simply no word in a specific language. These columns were left empty. If there was no direct translation to any other language, then I have provided a short explanation in English (in parenthesis).
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- A -
ItemJapanese CharactersOriginsEnglish FrançaisDeutschItalianoEspañol Nihongo
Aal Ge, nm eel anguille * anguilla anguila unagi
abaisser Fr, v (rolling out pastry dough)
abalone US, n ear shell; ormer oreille de mer; ormier; haliotide Seeohr aliótide oreja marina awabi
abara Ja, n → bara-niku
abatis Fr, nm → abattis
abats Fr, nm offal * Fleischabfall frattaglie menudos zōmotsu
abattis Fr, nm giblets * Geflügelklein rigaglie menudillos tori no zōmotsu
abbachio It, nm suckling lamb agneau de lait Milchlamm * cría de cordero ko hitsuji
abbrustolito It, a (toasted)
à blanc Fr, a (a method of cooking meat without browing)
ablette [Leuciscus alburnus] Fr, nf ablet; ablen; bleak * Weissfisch argentino able haia; ugui
abokado アボカド Ja, n → avocado
abricot Fr, nm apricot * Aprikose albicocca albaricoque anzu
absinthe Fr, nf (strong green liqueur with anise flavor)
abuñolada Sp, a (fried in batter)
abura Ja, n oil huile Öl ólio aceite *
abura Ja, n fat graisse Fett grasso grasa; manteca *
aburage 油揚げ Ja, n (fried slices of tofu)
abura-itame 脂いため Ja, n (fried goods)
aburami 脂身 Ja, n fatty meat viande grasse fettes Fleisch carne grasso Carne que tiene mucha grasa *
aburana 油菜 Ja, n rape; cole colza Raps colza colza *
aburu 焙る・炙る Ja, v roast; broil; grill rôtir; griller braten; grillen arrostire; cuocere alla griglia asada *
abusan アブサン Ja, n  absinthe
acciuga It, nf anchovy anchois Sardelle * anchoa anchobī
aceite Sp, nm oil huile Öl ólio * abura
aceituna Sp, nf olive olive Olive oliva * orību
acelga Sp, nf beet betterave Rübe; Bete barbabietola * tensai
acerola US, n (red, cherry-like fruit with high vitamin C contents. Also Barbados cherry)
aceto It, nm vinegar vinaigre Essig * vinagre su
aceto balsamico It, nm (high class Italian vine vinegar)
aceto dolce It, nm (marinated vegetables and fruits used as antipasto)
achara-zuke あちゃら漬け Ja, n (mixed vegetables, pickled with vinegar, sake and shoyu)
achiote Sp, nm (red food-dye from fruit)
acidophilus milk US, n (slightly soured milk)
acidulated water US, n (water with lemon juice or vinegar to prevent discoloring or to blanch foods)
acini di pepe It, nm (tiny pieces of pasta in soup)
acorn squash [Cucurbita pepo] US, n (dark green winter squash with sweet yellow-orange flesh)
acqua It, nf water eau Wasser * agua mizu
aderzo Sp, nm salad dressing vinaigrette Salatsauce condimento per l'insalata * sarada doresshingu
aemono あえ物 Ja, n salad salade Salat insalata ensalata *
aeru 和える Ja, v (dress [vegetables with miso])
affogato It, a poached; steamed poché pochiert * escalfado karuku yudeta
affumicato It, a smoked fumé geräuchert * ahumado ibushita; kunsei no
agar-agar Mal, n (gelatine made of seaweed)
agaribana 上がり花 Ja, n (freshly brewed tea)
agaru (ageru) 揚げる Ja, v fry frire braten; backen friggere freír *
age 揚げ Ja, n (small pieces of fried tofu)
agedashi 揚げ出し Ja, n (lightly fried tofu)
age-manju 揚げ饅頭 Ja, n (fried bun)
age-mochi 揚げ餅 Ja, n (fried rice cake)
age-mono 揚げ物 Ja, n (fried goods)
age-nabe 揚げ鍋 Ja, n frying pan poêle Bratpfanne padella sartén *
ageru 揚げる Ja, v fry frire braten; backen friggere freír *
agí Sp, nm → ají
aging E, v (method of maturing food)
aglio It, nm garlic ail Knoblauch * ajo ninniku
agliota It, nf (a garlic sauce)
agneau Fr, nm lamb agneau Lamm agnello cordero kohitsuji
agnello It, nm
agnolotti It, nm (stuffed pasta. Also agnolini)
agresto It, nm verjuice verjus (juice of unripe grapes)
agrimony UK, n (a herb used in tea blends)
agrio Sp, a sour aigre sauer acido; aspro * suppai
agrodolce It, a bitter-sweet aigre-doux süss-sauer * agridulce ama-zuppai
agua Sp, nf water eau Wasser acqua * mizu
aguacate Mex, nm (avocado tree)
aguardiente Sp, nm (strong Spanish liqueur)
aguglia [Belone acus] It, nf garfish; needlefish aiguille de mer Hornhecht * aguja moto datsu
ahiru 家鴨 Ja, n duck canard Ente ànitra pato *
ai-biki 合挽き Ja, n (ground beef and pork)
aiglefin [Gadus aeglefinus] Fr, nm haddock * Schellfisch eglefino abadejo sukesōdara
aigo [Siganus fuscescens] 藍子 Ja, n rabbitfish *
aigre Fr, a bitter; sour * sauer acido; aspro agrio suppai
aguillette Fr, nf (thin-cut strip of poultry or meat)
ail Fr, nm garlic * Knoblauch aglio ajo ninniku
ailerons Fr, nm chicken wings * teba
aillade Fr, a (South France style; cooked with garlic)
aillade, sauce Fr, nf (sauce of garlic, herbs, spices, and oil)
ailloli Fr, nm (garlic mayonnaise)
ainame [Hexagrammos otakii] 鮎並 Ja, n rock trout; greenling truite de torrent *
ainoko-bento 合の子弁当 Ja, n (semi-western lunch)
aïoli Fr, nm → ailloli
airelle Fr, nf bilerry * Heidelbeeremirtillo murtillo koke momo
airelle rouge Fr, nf cranberry * Preiselbeere mirtillo palustre arándano tsuru koke momo
aiseki 相席 Ja, n (share a table [with a stranger])
aisu-kurīmu アイスクリーム Ja, n (icecream)
aji Ja, n taste; savor; flavor goût; saveur [Wohl-] Geschmack; Aroma gusto; assaggio gusto; sabor *
aji [Trachurus japonicus] Ja, n horse mackarel; saurel maquereau bâtard Rossmakrele sughero; sauro caballo *
ají Sp, nm chili peppers piment d' Amérique * chiri tōgarashi
aji-kagen 味加減 Ja, n taste goût Geschmack gusto gusto *
aji-kiki 味利き Ja, n (taster [of wine])
ajillo Sp, a (fried with garlic)
aji-mi 味見 Ja, n tasting; sampling goûter kosten; schmecken gustare probar *
aji-tsuke 味付け Ja, n seasoning; flavoring assaisonnement Gewürz stagionatura; condimento condimento; aderzo *
ajitsuke-nori 味付海苔 Ja, n (seasoned laver)
ajiwau 味わう Ja, v get a taste of; savor; relish goûter; déguster; savourer schmecken; geniessen gustare; insaporire tener sabor *
ajo Sp, nm garlic ail Knoblauch aglio * ninniku
ajonjolí Mex, nm sesame sésame Sesam sesamo * goma
akabudōshu 赤葡萄酒 Ja, n red wine vin rouge Rotwein vino rosso vino tinto *
aka-dai; okō-dai [Lutjanus scbae] 赤鯛 Ja, n red sea bream dorade rouge; pagel rote Meerbrasse scorzone rosso besugo rojo *
aka-daikon 赤大根 Ja, n red radish radis rouge Radieschen ravanello rosso rábano rojo *
aka-dashi 赤出し Ja, n (red [Osaka style] miso soup)
aka-gai [Anadara (Scapharca) broughtonii] 赤貝 Ja, n ark shell tridacne tuilé Archenmuschel sanguinaccio berberecho *
akai 赤い Ja, a red rouge rot rosso rojo *
aka-iwashi 赤鰯 Ja, n (dried, salted sardine)
aka-kabu 赤蕪 Ja, n red turnip navet rouge rote Rübe rapa rosso naba [nabo] rojo *
aka-nishi [Rapana thomasiana] 赤螺 Ja, n rock shell bucchin rote Teichschnecke chiocchiola di risaia rosso caracol rojo *
akai-sake 赤酒 Ja, n (reddish sake)
akaza [Chenopodium album] Ja, n wild spinach; goosefoot ansérine blanche weisser Gänsefuss chenopodio bianco cenizo *
akebi [Akebina quinata] 木通・通草 Ja, n (purple, sweet Japanese fruit)
akōdai; akō [Sebastodes matsubarae] あこう鯛・赤魚 Ja, n kind of sea bream Rotbrasse *
akushu 悪酒 Ja, n (bad [cheap] sake)
akusui 悪水 Ja, n (undrinkable water)
à la Fr (in the style of - )
à la carte Fr (list of separate menu items)
alalonga [Thunus alalunga] It, nf albacore thon blanc weisser Thunfisch * albacora binnaga maguro
albahaca Sp, nf basil basilic Basilikum basilico * mebōki; bashiru
albaricoque Sp, n apricot abricot Aprikose albicocca albaricoque anzu
albicocca It, nf
albillos Sp, nm white grapes raisins blancs weisse Trauben uva bianca * shiro budō
albóndigas Sp, nf (spicy meatballs/dumplings)
Albuféra Fr, nf (suprême sauce with meat glaze and pimento butter. Also a chicken stuffed with truffles and fois gras)
al burro It, a (served or prepared with butter)
alcachofa Sp, nf artichoke artichaut Artischocke carciofo * chōsen azami
alcaparra Sp, nf caper câpre Kaper cappero * kēpā
ale UK, n (fresh English beer)
alewife [Alosa pseudoharengus] US, n * gasparot; gaspareau Nordamerik. Flusshering falsa aringa atlantica pinchagua Amerika nishin
alewife caviar US, n (herring roe)
alfalfa Sp, nf lucerne luzerne Luzerne erba medica * arufarufa; murasaki umagoyashi
al forno It, a (baked; roasted in the oven)
algérienne Fr, a (garnished with braised tomatoes and sweet potato croquettes)
alice It, nf (European anchovy)
alici It, nf (anchovies in salt)
aliñado Sp, a seasoned assaisonné gewürzt condito * chōmi shita
aliño Sp, nm seasoning assaisonnement; Gewürz condimento * chōmi ryo
aliolo Sp, nm (garlic mayonnaise)
all' olio It, a (in oil)
alla griglia It, a (grilled)
alla parmigiana It, a (served with butter and parmesan cheese)
allemande Fr, nf (egg-bound velouté sauce)
alloro It, nm bay leave feuille de laurier Lorbeer * laurel gekkēju no ha; rōrie
allumette Fr, nf (matchstick-size cut vegetables)
almeja Sp, nf clam praire Venusmuschel * asari
almendra Sp, nf almond amande Mandel mandorla * āmondo
almendrado Sp, nm macaroon macaron Makrone amaretto * makaron
almond E, n * amande Mandel mandorla almendra āmondo
almond oil E, n (odorless oil, extracted from almonds)
almuerzo Mex, nm brunch grand déjeuner grosses Frühstück prima colazione *
alose [Alosa sapidissima] Fr, nf shad * Alse alosa sábalo iwashi no nakama
aloyau Fr, nm sirloin * Rückenstück lombo solomillo ushi no sāroin
Älplermagronen Ge, nf (Swiss speciality of macaroni, potatoes, onions, cheese, cream)
alsacienne Fr, a (garnished with sauerkraut, ham, sausages)
al sangue It, a (bleu/rare - describing the degree of cooking meat)
Altenburger Ge, nm (white mold goat cheese)
alubia Sp, nf shell bean haricot Bohne fagiolini * ingen mame
ama-cha [Hydrangea serrata] 甘茶 Ja, n hydrangea [tea] hydrangelle [infusion] Hortensie [Tee] ortensia [te] hortensia [te] *
ama-dai [Lophotilus chamaeleonticeps] 甘鯛 Ja, n tilefish tile Ziegelbarsch tile gibboso blanquillo camello *
ama-gaki 甘柿 Ja, n sweet persimmon parsimon doux süsse Kaki Frucht cachi dolce caqui dulce *
ama-guri 甘栗 Ja, n sweet roasted chestnut marron rôti geröstete Kastanie castagnia arrosto castaña pironga *
amai 甘い Ja, a sweet doux süssdolce dulce *
ama-jio 甘塩 Ja, n slightly salted légèrement salé leicht gesalzen legeramento salato ligeramente salado *
ama-kara 甘辛 Ja, n (salted and sweetened sembei)
ama-karai 甘辛い Ja, a salted and sweetened salé et sucré salzig-süss dolce e salato dulce y salado *
ama-kuchi 甘口 Ja, n mild; light; slightly sweet [wine, sake] doux; léger mild; leicht; süsslich leggero suave *
amalgamer Fr, v (mix; blend; combine ingredients)
ama-mi 甘味 Ja, n sweetness; Japanese sweets gôut sucré süsser Geschmack dolcezza sabor dulce *
ama-na 甘菜 Ja, n sweet vegetables [sugar beets etc.] légumes sucreux zuckerhaltige Gemüse *
ama-nattō 甘納豆 Ja, n sweetened beans haricots sucrés gesüsste Bohnen *
amande Fr, nf almond * Mandel mandorla almendra āmondo
amandine Fr, a (made or garnished with almonds)
amanori 甘海苔 Ja, n laver (edible, marine algae)
amaranth US, n (family of various vegetables)
amarelle Fr, nf (sour cherry)
amaretti It, nm (bitter almond macaroons)
amaretto It, nm (almond-flavored liqueur)
amari-mono 余り物 Ja, n leftovers restes Überreste avanzi restos *
amatō 甘党 Ja, n (a person with a "sweet tooth")
amatriciana It, a (with tomatoes, ham, pecorino cheese)
amattarui 甘ったるい Ja, a (too sweet; sugary)
ama-zake 甘酒 Ja, n (sweet drink made from fermented rice)
ama-zuppai 甘酢っぱい・甘酸っぱい Ja, a sweet and sour aigre-doux süss-sauer agredolce agridulce *
amazu shōga 甘酢生姜 Ja, n → gari
ambrosia It, nf (fruit dessert of citrus and grated coconut)
ame Ja, n (candy; bonbon)
amedama 飴玉 Ja, n (toffees)
américaine Fr, a (garnished with lobster tail and truffles)
ami 醤蝦・糠鰕 Ja, n mysid; oppossum shrimp winzige Krabben *
amigasa-take [Morchella esculenta] 編み笠茸 Ja, n morel morille Morchel spugnola morilla *
amiral Fr, a (garnish of mussels, oysters, crayfish, mushrooms)
ami-take 網茸 Ja, n (Asian yellow-brown mushroom)
āmondo アーモンド Ja, n almond amande Mandel mandorla almendra *
amontillado Sp, nm (a medium sherry)
amoroso Sp, nm (dark, sweet oloroso sherry)
amuse bouche Fr, nm (cocktail appetizer)
an Ja, n stuffed; bean jam pâte de haricots sucré süsses Bohnenmus pasta di fafiali cotti con zucchero pasta de judías azucerada *
anadama US, n (yeast bread made from white flour, cornmeal, molasses)
anago [Astroconger myriaster] 穴子 Ja, n conger (eel) congre Meeraal anguilla marina congrio *
Anaheim chili Mex, n (güero; California pepper; sweet green pepper)
ananas Fr, nm pineapple ananas Ananas ananasso piña ananasu
Ananas Ge, nm
ananas It, nm
ananasu 鳳梨 Ja, n
anatra It, nf duck canard Ente * pato ahiru
anbai 塩梅 Ja, n (seasoning; flavoring; balance of taste)
ancho Mex, nm (dried, mild red chili pepper)
anchoa Sp, nf anchovy anchois Sardelle acciuga anchoa anchobī
anchobī アンチョビ Ja, n
anchois Fr, nm
anchovy E, n
ancienne, à l' Fr, a (various preparations; in the old-fashioned style)
andalouse Fr, a (garnished with tomatoes, sweet red peppers, eggplant)
andouille Fr, nf (smoked cold pork sausage)
andouillette Fr, nf (grilled form of andouille)
angel hair US, n (thinnest type of pasta) capelli d'angelo
angelica E/It/Sp, nf angelica angélique Engelswurz angelica angelica shishi udo no satōzuke; anjerika
angélique Fr, nf
anglaise Fr, a (English style - plainly boiled, roasted, fried)
angler E, n (→ monkfish) baudroie Seeteufel rana pescatrice diabolo marino ankō
anguila Sp, nf eel anguille Aal anguilla anguila unagi
anguilla It, nf
anguille Fr, nf
anguille à l'escaveche Fr, nf (fried, pickled eel in aspic)
anguria It, nf watermelon pastèque Wassermelone * sandía suika
anice It, nm anise anis Anis * anís dai-uikyō
animèlle It, nf sweetbreads ris de veau Kalbsbries * lechecilla kyōsen; suizo
animelles Fr, nf (testicles of animals)
anis Fr, nm anise anis Anisanice anís dai-uikyō
Anis Ge, nm
anise E, n
anisette Fr, nf (aniseed-flavored sweet liqueur)
anisu アニス Ja, n → anise
anitra It, nf duck canard Ente * pato ahiru
anizetto アニゼット Ja, n → anisette
ankake 餡掛け Ja, n (food dressed with liquid starch)
anko 餡子 Ja, n bean jam pâte de haricots sucré süsses Bohnenmus pasta di fafiali cotti con zucchero pasta de judías azucerada *
ankō 鮟鱇 Ja, n anglerfish baudroie; raie pécheresse Seeteufel rana pescatrice diabolo marino *
ankoro [mochi] 餡ころ(餅) Ja, n (bean-jam rice-dumpling)
anmitsu 餡蜜 Ja, n (boiled peas with honey and jam)
anmochi 餡餅 Ja, n (bean-jam rice cake)
anpan 餡パン Ja, n (bean-jam bun)
antipasto It, nm (appetizer; starter)
antorē アントレー Ja, n → entrée
anzu Ja, n apricot abricot Aprikose albicócco albaricoque *
anzu-take 杏子茸 Ja, n chanterelle chanterelle Pfifferling gallinaccio mízcalo *
ao-endō 青豌豆 Ja, n green peas petit pois Erbsen piselli guisante *
aoi 青い Ja, a blue; green bleu; vert blau; grün azzurro; verde azul; verde *
aomame 青豆 Ja, n green beans haricots verts grüne Bohnen fagiolini verdi judia verde*
aomono 青物 Ja, n greengrocery légumes verts Grünzeug verdure verdura *
aonegi 青葱 Ja, n spring onion ciboule Frühlingszwiebel cipolletta cebolleta *
aonori 青海苔 Ja, n green laver ulve grüner Seetang alghe verdi ova; ulva *
aoru 呷る Ja, v (gulp down; quaff)
aosa 石蓴 Ja, n green laver ulve grüner Seetang alghe verdi ova; ulva *
ao-sakana 青魚 Ja, n (blue-skin fish family)
ao-tōgarashi 青唐辛 Ja, n (small green peppers)
ao-ume 青梅 Ja, n (unripe ume)
aoyagi (→ baka-gai) [Mactra chinensis] 青柳、馬鹿貝 Ja, n through shell peigne Trogmuschel *
ao-yasai 青野菜 Ja, n green vegetables légumes verts grünes Gemüse verdure verdura *
apaz onion US, n (edible wild onion)
apéritif Fr, nm (drink served as appetizer) apéritif Aperitif aperitivo aperitivo shokuzen shu
aperitifu アペリティフ Ja, n
aperitivo It, nm
aperitivo Sp, nm
Apfel Ge, nm apple pomme * mela manzana ringo
Apfelsine Ge, nf orange orange * arància naranja mikan
apio Sp, nm celery céleri Sellerie sèdano * serori
à point Fr, a (medium well done - describing the degree of cooking meat)
Appenzeller Ge, nm (Swiss piquant cow milk cheese)
appetizer US, n (food or drink to stimulate appetite, served before a meal)
apple E, n * pomme Apfel mela manzana ringo
apple butter US, n (thick, dark apple preserve)
appuru-pai アップルパイ Ja, n apple pie tarte aux pommes Apfeltorte torta di mela tarta de manzana *
apricot E, n apricot abricot Aprikose albicocca albaricoque anzu
Aprikose Ge, nf
a puntino It, a (medium well done - describing the degree of cooking meat)
aquavit Sve, n (Scandinavian strong, mostly colorless liquor from grain or potatoes)
ara 粗ら Ja, n (bony parts [of fish])
Arabica US, n (finest Columbian coffee)
arachide Fr, nf peanut arachide Erdnuss arachide cacahuete rakkasei
arachide It, nf
aragosta It, nf lobster langouste Languste * langosta ise-ebi
arai 洗い Ja, n (raw fish slices washed in water)
arai 粗い Ja, a coarse [texture; grain] rude; rugueux grobkörnig grossolano suelto *
arakaruto アラカルト Ja, n → à la carte
aramaki 荒巻・荒巻鮭 Ja, n (slightly salted salmon)
arame [Eisenia bicyclis] 荒布 Ja, n edible seaweed algue comestible brune essbare Seegrasart *
arància It, nf orange orange Apfelsine * naranja mikan
arare-mochi 霰餅 Ja, n (rice-cake cubes)
Arborio It, nm (short-grained Italian rice widely used for risotto)
archiduc Fr, a (seasoned with paprica and blended with cream)
arenque Sp, nm herring hareng Hering aringa * nishin
Argenteuil Fr, n (garnished with asparagus)
aringa It, nf herring hareng Hering * arenque nishin
arinomi (→ nashi) ありの実 Ja, n pear poire Birne pera pera *
arista It, nf (roast loin of pork)
arlésienne Fr, a (garnished with eggplant and tomato)
Armagnac Fr, nm (dry, dark brandy from Gascony)
armoricaine Fr, a (lobster in the Breton style)
aroe アロエ Ja, n aloe
arrosto It, a roasted rôti gebraten * tostado ya ita
arrowroot US, n (starch from the root of a tropical plant. Also tapioca)
arroz Sp, nm rice riz Reis riso * gohan
arroz con leche Sp, nm rice pudding gateau de riz Reis-Pudding riso con latte *
arsella It, nf mussel moule Miesmuschel * mejillón mūru gai
artichaut Fr, nm artichoke artichaut Artischocke carciofo alcachofa chōsen azami
artichoke E, n
Artischoke Ge, nf
arugula It, nf rocket salad roquette Rauke rucola oruga tsumamina no nakama
arukōru アルコール Ja, n alcohol
arum root US, n (Arum family. Root contains edible starch.)
asado Sp, a roasted; broiled rôti gebraten arrosto * ya-ita
asadura Sp, nf Pluck fressure Geschlinge corata * hitsuji no mune no zōmotsu
asahan (→ asa-meshi) 朝御飯・朝飯 Ja, n breakfast petit déjeuner Frühstück prima colazione desayuno *
asakusa-nori 浅草海苔 Ja, n (laver [from Asakusa district])
asar Sp, v roast rôtir braten arrostire * yaku
asari [Tapes (Amygdalum) philippinarum] 浅蜊 Ja, n short-necked clam palourde japonaise Japanische Teppichmuschel vongole verace almeja japonesa *
asatsuki [Allium schoenoprasum] 浅葱 Ja, n chives giboulette Schnittlauch erba cipollina cebolleta *
asa-zake 朝酒 Ja, n (morning drink)
asa-zuke 浅漬 Ja, n (radish preserved with salt and malt)
asciutta It, a (pasta that is not served in broth or sauce)
dry sec trocken * seco kawaita
ascorbic acid E, n Vitamin C
Asiago d'Allevo It, nm (pale yellow cheese with brownish rind, made of skimmed cow's milk)
aspàrago It, nm asparagus asperge Spargel espárrago aspàrago asuparagusu
asparagus E, n
asperge Fr, nf
aspartame US, n (artificial sweetener)
aspic Fr, nm (jelly made from meat or vegetable stock)
assaisonner Fr, v season * würzen stagionare sazonar chōmi suru
assaisonnement Fr, nm seasoning * Gewürz stagionatura condimento chōmi
assiette anglaise Fr, nf (plate of assorted cold meats)
Asturias Sp, n (Spanish strong, sharp-flavored cheese)
asukorubin-san アスコルビン酸 Ja, n (ascorbic acid; vitamin C)
asuparagusu アスパラガス Ja, n asparagus asperges Spargel espárrago aspàrago *
atatakai 温かい Ja, a warm; mild chaude warm caldo tibio *
atemoya US, n (gray-green, heart-shaped sweet fruit of the Annonaceae family)
athénienne Fr, a (garnished with onion, eggplant, tomato, sweet red pepper, fried in olive oil)
ato-aji 後味 Ja, n (aftertaste)
atsui 熱い Ja, a hot; heated chaude; ardent heiss caldo; ardente caliente *
atsukan 熱燗 Ja, n (hot sake)
atsumono Ja, n broth; hot soup bouillon; potage Brühe; Suppe brodo caldo *
attereau Fr, nm (metal skewer; deep-fried or grilled on skewer)
attorta It, nf (pastry filled with almonds, chocolate, candied fruits)
atún Sp, nm tuna thon Thunfisch tonno * maguro
aubergine Fr, nf eggplant aubergine Aubergine; Melanzani (Austria) melanzana berenjena nasu
Ge, nf
UK, n
au beurre Fr, a (served with butter)
au bleu Fr, a (plain boiled)
Auflauf Ge, nm (soufflé)
au four Fr, a (baked in the oven)
Aufschnitt Ge, nm cold cuts charcuterie * carne fredda tocinería niku no rēsai
au gras Fr, a (cooked in rich gravy)
au gratin Fr, a (cheese-topped and oven-baked)
au jus Fr, a (served with the meat's natural juices)
au lait Fr, a (with milk)
au maigre Fr, a (served without meat)
au naturel Fr, a (plainly cooked or raw)
aurore Fr, a (béchamel with little tomato puree)
Auster Ge, nf oyster huître * ostricia ostra kaki
autrichienne Fr, a (Austrian style; with caraway seeds and paprika)
aveline Fr, nf hazelnut; filbert aveline Haselnuss avella avellana hashibami no mi
avella It, nf
avellana Sp, nf
aves de corral Sp, nf poultry volaille Geflügel pollame * kakin
avocado [Persea gratissima] Sp, nm (green, succulent, pear-shaped fruit from the aguacate tree)
awa [Stetaria italica] Ja, n foxtail millet millet à grappes Kolbenhirse míglio mijo *
awabi [Haliotis gigantea] Ja, n ear shell; abalone ormier Seeohr aliótide oreja marina *
awa-dateru 泡立てる Ja, v (beat; whip [eggs, cream])
awa-datsu 泡立つ Ja, n (bubble; foam; froth)
awa-mochi 粟餅 Ja, n (soft millet cake)
awa-mori 泡盛 Ja, n (millet-brandy)
awa-okoshi 粟おこし Ja, n (grilled millet cake)
awa-yuki 淡雪 Ja, n ([cooked like] light snow; merengue)
ayu [Plecoglossus altivelis] Ja, n ayu fish; sweetfish ayu; truite (spec.) Ayu; endemischer Lachs (spec.) ayu; trota (spec.) ayu; trucha (spec.) *
azafrán Sp, nm saffron safran Safran zafferano * safuran
azúcar Sp, nm sugar sucre Zucker zucchero * satō
azuki [Phaseolus angularis] 小豆 Ja, n (dried bean with sweet flavor)
azuki-aisu 小豆アイス Ja, n (azuki bean sherbet)
azuki-dake 小豆茸 Ja, n chanterelle chanterelle Pfifferling galletto mízcalo *
azuki-gayu 小豆粥 Ja, n (azuki bean gruel)
azuki-gohan 小豆飯 Ja, n (rice boiled with azuki beans)
azyme Fr, nm (unleavened bread)

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