TkXtra - Extended Tk widgets for Python

TkXtra is a collection of combination and enhanced widgets for Tk built in Python + Tkinter. The eventual goal of this project is to provide a set of widgets which are as useful and powerful as those found in Tix which uses Tcl/Tk and C. You can download the latest version here (TkXtra-0.1.tar.gz, 36K) or here ( 41K) for our friends who must use Windoze. These are http links so you may need to use shift-click in Netscape to download.


Sometime late last year, I had developed an interface from Python to Tix called PyTix. I didn't want to use Tcl but the Tix widgets (quite popular in the Tcl world) were unusable from Python. Sometime this year, Tix decided to go commercial. At that time, I thought, I might as well try to develop the same widget set using raw Tk in Python and I started on TkXtra. Since it was not complete, I refrained from releasing it until I received some queries about it. Now that Tix is again non-commercial, TxXtra is probably no longer required. On the other hand, maybe some people will find it useful for one of the following reasons -

I have changed the license terms from the general GPL to the less restrictive LGPL in response to one complaint. Noone can say I'm uncooperative :-)


At present, the TkXtra widget set is not complete. Currently the following widgets are implemented.

Known Bugs

The ScrolledText and ScrolledList widgets sometimes don't show their scrollbars until resized (even by 1 pixel). If anyone figures out why, please tell me.

Future Plans

In the immediate future, I plan on adding the Notebook and HList / DirList widgets (Tix terminology). If all goes well - bugs are identified and fixed, the widgets look more finished than they are now etc., I will transfer some of the code to C to increase performance. At present performance is pretty good on a Sparc 10. However, some aspects are slow e.g., resizing panes in a PanedWindow widget (no longer true as of 0.1).

Please send all bugs, suggestions for improvements, bug fixes and the like to

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