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This site has two purposes. One is to introduce Taqueya, who is a visual artist. Another is to show you his artworks. You can see some images, essays, shock wave movies and so on. Please have fun on this site.

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21-mar-2002 :

This is a gallery page. This exhibition page is the main of this site. You can see the project "raggers," The three "Brains," The series of "Morbid Dead Guys," The series of "The Darkside of the ray" and more new artworks.

[click art] 01-oct-1999 : SOLITAIRE
You can click and see some shock wave movies. Have fan!

[profile]03-nov-1999 : ArtWork List (Japanese Text)
coming soonWho is Taqueya? What does he like? This page introduces him. You can also read his biography in Japanese.

[japanese text]21-mar-2002 :
His essays and poems are releasing on this page.
Sorry these essays are written in Japanese language.

Taqueya inspired from Antonin Artaud, who is an important artist in the 20th century. You will be able to read Artaud's biography in Japanese. Taqueya has a plan to make some artwork which using Artaud's dessins. We did not refer to anything about drama or theater of Artaud in this page.

Keybeats - a key frame calculator utility.

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