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The Attitudes Game

This game, based on an exercise by Phyllis Vos Wezeman in her book "Creating Compassion: Activities for Understanding HIV/AIDS", brings up some of the facts and myths regarding gay and lesbian people.

Students in turn pull a card from the pile (box, etc.) read it silently and decide if it is a fact or myth. After everyone has read his/her card, they can walk to opposite sides of the room, or sit in chairs lined up in rows opposite each other, one side for "Facts", the other for "Myths". Each students reads his/her card and tells the group why s/he came to that conclusion.

The cards should be prepared before class. Some possibilities for the cards are:

This game could be used as a starting point for bringing out people's perceptions of what a gay person is like, stereotypes, etc. As the various opinions are expressed, ask where such images are found in society; on TV, in advertising, through vocabulary people use in a derogatory way (okama, etc.), through misinformation, rumor, etc. Encourage students to write their own facts and myths (and send them in to REN - we'll include them here!).

* WHO estimates that 90% of HIV infected people are heterosexual.

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