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Disclaimer: Most of the content of this site is from 1997-1999. I keep my resume (C.V.) information up-to-date, but most of this content is old.

Connect: I'm on facebook here: I'm on twitter as billpellowe and eltcal (which is for event announcements on ELT Calendar).

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on this site...
Internet for International Communication
On-line lesson materials and teachers' notes for an Internet training course developed for my Japanese students of English. These materials have been used by educators in Australia, the United States and other parts of Japan. Best approached via the table of contents page.
RELATED LINK - My students' home pages

The Kanji Names Project
My Japanese students created explanations in English of their names in order to share a part of their Japanese culture with educators and students around the world, including their e-mail pen pals from other countries. LINK: more Kanji resources

Totoro video cover

picture of Mei
Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro) Video Transcripts
A recent time-consuming yet ultimately very useful activity I engaged myself in was transcribing, word for word, the entire text of the movie "Totoro". On this site you'll find the Totoro anime transcript, and you'll be able to juxtapose it with an English translation of the original Japanese version. I used this movie in my classes. Specifics as to how & why I did this and what I did with it will come later, but basically, I ran it through concordancing software, and in class I employed a variety of techniques which involved using the English video with different combinations & varying degrees of Japanese video, English transcript and translation script.

RELATED LINK - The video of Kiki's Delivery Service is available in the orginal Japanese version...with English subtitles! I'm looking forward to using this in juxtaposition to the English version of this video in my classes.

My resume
My resume, with information about my publications (with links to on-line versions) and other professional activities.