My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro video cover
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Transcript of My Neighbor Totoro

The Totoro transcript is an accurate transcription of the dialog contained in the video. It was created to serve as a resource for teachers using this video in English language classes. It is also useful for students of English as a self-study resource, especially if the students are Japanese and also have access to the original Japanese language version. The Japanese version is available from any video rental shop in Japan. You can buy the English version of the Totoro video from

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Compare the transcript with a translation of "Tonari no Totoro"
There is also a translation of the original Japanese video on this site. I've included it so you can compare my transcript with the translation. More often than not, the meaning of the dialog is the same in both the English and the Japanese video. Students will see alternative ways of expressing similar meanings, and non-Japanese teachers who use the Japanese video as a supplement to the English one in their classes can use the translation as a handy reference guide. Furthermore, where the two versions differ, teachers may explore with their class the possible reasons why the English version departed from the original Japanese.

This translation is widely available on the Internet. I did not create this; I merely changed the formatting to make it easier to read. As far as I can tell, the translation is accurate.

Bill Pellowe