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 Observations of a German who lives in Japan and loves America.
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ďAt any given time in history, science was only so far advanced and sometimes violently denied the findings of advanced thinkers - only to come back later to the exact same point
- to prove now the truth of what was previously denied.Ē

Bernd Nurnberger, Yokohama, Japan, Planet Earth

My original quote, edited competently by Sheila Barrera
It was first published in FATE magazine, 1996 May, among other readerís comments.

Was there life before the Internet? 

Yet another home page. May it be useful for you as many home pages are useful for me.  Letís go sift the fabulous Internet for those diamonds of information. And soon we cannot think how we ever did without that. 

The great people on the Internet continue to share so much information, I just have to return a little summary of what works for me. Tried and true. Any errors and omissions here are mine.


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