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NEW Vehicle roadworthiness inspection in Japan is thought of as expensive. It need not be.

MOVED    Date confusion and the Year 2000 now here.

NEW Quacks and other humor at the expense of the medical profession.

UPDATED and reissued 1997:  How much Internet is too much?

UPDATED   My health and prevention page. Things I have tested, and my opinions.

1997-10    MSM, common as salt, but frequently processed out of our food. [with sound]

1997-10   What looked like yet another dubious fuel-saving device, shows first results.

1997-10   The first of my computers that does not require constant upgrading: HP palmtop.

1997-09   Does an X2 modem work in Japan? You bet.

Books Dept.: 

1997-10  What a net gain. Internet and its future! Unlike most books, I could not read through this one nonstop. For 5 months, I found myself putting it down after a few pages to ponder the ramifications. Awesome.

1997-09   The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity. Asian wisdom beats Medicare, hands down.


Silent running: non-polluting affordable energy. Check out Bruce DePalma. He may be up to showing us something is wrong with our textbook physics. Here is a radio interview (total 2h).

How do you know when friends are on-line for a chat? ICQ. Don't schedule, simply see when he/she's there and start to “talk”.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan has great information on - you guessed it.

Professional life is what you make it. Why Not? Relax and enjoy.

Check also the other pages, especially Techie, I test new things all the time.


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