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 The Making of The Cure's Disintegration

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The Making of The Cure's Disintegration[9K]
written by Dave Thompson
published by Collectors Guide Publishing Inc.

Box 62034, Burlington, Ontario, L7R 4K2, Canada
ISBN 1-896522-24-6
year 1996
pages 71
a double-page[4K]

It's size of CD, comes in a compact disc case. It says about the story of The Cure's album "Disintegration" including the sessions, each of song in detail, B-side songs, the prayer tour, and more. And it has also an interview with The Cure.

Available from CG Publishing Inc, Box 62034 , Burlington, Ontario, L7R 4K2, Canada for $9.95 (Canadian $) or $7.95 (U.S.) plus $3 for shipping. (international shipping $5)

Special thanks to Mr. Greg Holdren and
Mr. Bob Kwiatkowski for information on The book.

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