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Robert 1984 Soundcheck in Japan[29K] THE CURE - JAPAN - DISCOGRAPHY

This is attempt to list all items of The Cure widely released in Japan.
It is still under construction.
I'm going to add more information and interesting pictures for unique releases.

Other Releases

W h a t's N e w ?
8th March 2003
Updated DVD The Greatest Hits page,
Videos page and The text version of The Cure Japan Discography.

DVD (added a limited edition) The Greatest Hits
CD The Greatest Hits | Bloodflowers | Wild Mood Swings | Entreat
DCC Wish 7 inch single The Lovecats
Video The Cure Live In Japan | The Cure Tea Party | The Cure In Orange
The text version of The Cure Japan Discography (2003.03.08)
includes Albums, Singles, Videos and Other Releases all in one text.

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Last updated 8th March 2003 by Fusae Imai