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THE CURE (scrapbook)[2K] Year 1986
pages 64
out of print

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[cover: 17K, double-page: 34K]

It looks like a scrapbook. It contains lots of The Cure's articles, reviews and advertisements clipped from various magazines or newspapers published between 1979 and 1985. For example; an article titled " A Demonstration of Household Appliances" from May 19th, 1979 issue of New Musical Express; one titled "Manhattan Interiors" from May 3rd, 1980 issue of SOUNDS; and so on.
The book is certainly one of the most interesting books for any Cure fans who would like to read The Cure's old articles.

The book says nothing about its publisher or anything. Because I got a used copy of it recently at last, I have no clue about it. If you have any information about this, please email me. Thank you in advance.


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