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The Cure Vpraze (Czech edition)[11K] written by Pavel Kracík
published by SPEKTRUM

ISBN 80-7107-014-9
year 1990
pages 32
(16pp. for The Cure)

Czech edition printed in full colour. I've never met such a unique book. There are 32 pages, but only half of them carry The Cure, and the rest of them include a certain band. Guess who shares the book with The Cure. If you turn the book upside down, you can see another front cover with a different title, which says "Rolling Stones V PRAZE". What a surprise!
The second worthwhile point is that several pictures appeared on it. Those were taken by Marek Smejkal, a Czech photographer, when The Cure went sightseeing in Prague. They look like private pictures; a picture of Robert walking at tourist resort with a camera (without make-up!); another one of Robert drinking a mug of beer at a pub. I've never seen such pictures so far.
This contains the review of The Cure's show at Prague on 2nd August 1990, and also biography, discography, one interview and a few lyrics written in Czech.
double-page [19K]

Click the pictures to see their larger versions.
[cover: 45K, double-page: 49K]

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