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 en ConcierTo... THE CURE

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[cover: 30K / double-page: 48K]
en ConcierTo... (Spanish edition)[12K]
written by Victor Malsonando
published by
Editorial La Máscara

Pza. Diputado Luis Lucía, 21-B, 46015 Valencia, España
ISBN 84-7974-407-3
year 1995
pages 32


Spanish edition with a small poster. Pages are all printed in full-colour. Includes a lot of photographs of several The Cure's concerts. About 80% of them were taken at one of the Summer Festivals, somewhere in Europe in 1995. Although they are out of focus, they tell you part of atmosphere of The Cure's brilliant shows. Also the book contains some small photographs of audience and a short text written in Spanish.

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