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What is a Pipefest?

A festival of massed pipe bands.In 2005 it was held in Edinburgh, Scotland; in 2006 it was in Shanghai, China and in 2007 it was inHalifax, Canada.

What instruments will be played.

The bagpipes, the snare drum (or side drum) the tenor drum and the bass drum, all led by Drum Majors walking at the head of each block of bands. The drum majors carry a mace that is over one metre long with an extremely heavy boss or head..

Why Japan?

The Pipefest takes place in any country around the world. We decided to be the host country for 2008. Japan has much to offer for visitors from around the world and it is not one of the usual tourists spots. We hope to offer something a little different.

What standard of musicians are you welcoming to Pipefest 2008?

We welcome pipers and drummers of all standards. The invitation is for pipe bands from all over the world. If you are reading this, you are invited.

Where will events be held?

Events will be organised all around the Kansai region of Japan. This includes Osaka, the historical cities of Kyoto and Nara and the international city of Kobe. If any company Japanese or international wants to hold an eye-catching event during this time, they should simply contact us. Some foreign bands may bring corporate sponsorship from their own country.

What will it cost?

All pipers and drummers pay their own way to come to Japan. We will try to offset the costs by finding free or cheap accommodation transportation and food. If you know of a potential corporate sponsor, please point them in our direction. All profits go to charity!

Who would pay to come to such an event?

Pipers and drummers pay to come to World Pipefest for two simple reasons. For the thrill of marching in a huge band (it is really exciting being part of such a huge event) and to see a part of the world they would never otherwise see. They are guaranteed an exciting time doing something they love while meeting other like minded people from other countries.

Are you looking for places or events that will be part of Pipefest 2008?

Oh yes!. Any group, organisation, company, charity, school, anyone at all, who would like a spectacular event, or advertisement, should contact us. Our rates are reasonable, negotiable and possibly even free!

Who should I contact about Pipefest?

The Ramsay Pipeband +81 (0)6 6885 0332 or through the Pipefest Website.

What is your charity?

We decided that as most pipers and drummers will some day want to go to Scotland that it should be a Scottish charity and given our notorious bad weather and cold stormy seas we chose The Royal National Lifeboat Institute for Scotland.


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