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New Day title[1K] English Book

 F a i t h

written by
Dave Bowler and Bryan Dray
published by Sidgwick & Jackson

18-21, Cavaye Place, London, SW10 9PG, UK
ISBN 0-283-06229-0
year 1995
pages 208

Faith paperback edition [4K]

written by
Dave Bowler and Bryan Dray
published by Pan books

an imprint of Macmillan General Books
25 Eccleston Place, London, SW1W 9NF, UK
ISBN 0-330-34692-X
year 1996
Pages 208

 F a i t h (paperback edition)
a double-page [6K]

Click the pictures to see
their larger versions.
[cover left: 19K, cover right:17K,
double-page: 28K]

Author's note;
The purpose of this book is to take a detached, objective view of the Cure's work. It is not designed to be Robert Smith's own story - for that you should look elsewhere. It is an attempt to make sense of what has at times been a very complicated tale and to shed light on the reasons why the Cure, and more specially Smith, have taken the decisions that they have and what repercussions followed. As perhaps the only stadium band in the world that have been able to maintain critical credibility over a sustained period, The Cure are in a unique position. Just how that enviable status has been achieved is the central theme of this book.

It includes UK discography. In 1996 the book was also published in paperback.

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