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 The Cure Songwords 1978-1989

Songwords 1978-1989[2K]
edited by Robert Smith
published by Fiction/Omnibus Press
ISBN 0-7119-1951-8
Order No. OP45574
year 1990
pages 169
a double-page[4K]
Exclusive Distributors:
Book Sales Limited 8/9 Frith Street, London, W1V 5TZ, UK
Music Sales Corporation
225 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003, USA
Music Sales Pty Limited
Lisgar House, 30-32, Carrington Street, Sydney, NSW2000, Australia
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[cover: 6K, double-page:19K]
This is the official book. Contains the lyrics of most every song released through 1989 and has 19 black & white photographs. I have two copies . First one I bought in 1989 was unfortunately misprinted. The lyric of "Pictures Of You" appeared on P.151 and P.159, so some other lyrics (P.152-158) were sandwiched them. Though, second one I got in 1993 was corrected the errors properly. I love the book and expect it to be updated "Songwords 1978-2004"!

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