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 The Cure - A Visual Documentary

written by Dave Thompson and Jo-Ann Greene
published by Omnibus Press
ISBN 0-7119-1387-0
Order No. OP44536
year 1988
pages 96
out of print
The Cure A Visual Documentary[11K]

The Cure A Visual Documentary - new edition[9K]

written by Dave Thompson and Jo-Ann Greene
published by Omnibus Press
ISBN 0-7119-3015-5
Order No. OP46887
year 1993
pages 112

 The Cure - A Visual Documentary New Edition

a double-page [12K]

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double-page: 43K]

Exclusive Distributors:
Book Sales Limited 8/9 Frith Street, London, W1V 5TZ, UK
Music Sales Corporation
225 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003, USA
Music Sales Pty Limited
Lisgar House, 30-32, Carrington Street, Sydney, NSW2000, Australia

The back side of the first edition says;
The Cure Visual Documentary is a lavishly illustrated biography on the band which includes a year by year chronology, masses of quotes from their numerous interviews, album and concert reviews, a comprehensive discography and full gig listing.

Well, but the book isn't accepted by The Cure themselves. In fact, it's incorrect and unfaithful. Though it includes lots of absorbing photographs... It was updated in 1993. Some information and discography 1988-1992 were added to the previous edition.

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