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 THE SONGS OF THE CURE (second edition)

THE SONGS OF THE CURE (second edition)[5K]
published by RYPRESS
printed in the UK
year 1986
pages 66
out of print
a double-page [5K]

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[cover: 12K, double-page:25K].
  Contains the lyrics of every song released between 1979 and 1985 with lots of photographs of The Cure , several articles taken from various English magazines and Discography including some Bootlegs.
The book is not only printed with black ink but also with blue for part of pages. But it's poorly made, not professional printing at all. Although the book was sold at a large record shop in London in 1986, it's obvious that the book was not official one. The lyrics parts are taken from the official song book " THE CURE A BOOK OF SONG WORDS 1979-1985 (VOL.2)" and all of pictures taken from various books and magazines.
The book says that it is a second edition published in October 1986 and the first edition appeared June 1986. If there's someone who has any information about the first edition, please email me. Thanks!


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