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(VOL. 2)

A BOOK OF SONG WORDS 1979-1985 (VOL.2)[3K]
all songs published by
APB Music Co Ltd
year 1985
pages 52
out of print
a double-page [3K]

Photographs :
John Taw, Sheila Rock, Photo Booth, Paul Cox, Peter Musebrink, Bog king, Alan Ballard, Micheal Kostiff, Steve Pyke, Parched Art, Fin Costello, P Terrasson, Nick Knight, Ken Lailie

Click the picture to see its larger version [17K].
Contains the lyrics of every song released between 1979 and 1985. It also has 33 cool photographs of The Cure printed in black and white.
Although the book says nothing about its publisher, it is the second edition of the official song book. It was on sale at The Cure's shows done for promoting the album "The Head On The Door" in 1985, and also available through the official fan club in UK.
There was a handbill of The Cure's official products handed out by the fan club around 1985. It listed "Cure Songbook" with the order number "CUR1811", so it was sold by a mail order at that time.
In the meantime, the song book was exported to America, maybe through the same way as a tour book.
Later in 1990, it was updated and published widely as a familiar version " Songwords 1978-1989".

Special thanks to
Mr. Colin Sullivan, Mr. Edward A Wakabayashi
and Mr. Bob Kwiatkowski


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